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biolight dual
Biolight® DUAL
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STiK!® TE (6+1)
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calaject testimonial

A Calaject review

“I have been a daily Wand user for the better part of 20 years now and had to accept the continuing expense of the disposable cannulas. When I heard about the Calaject from Synca, and realized that we could use our regular syringe needles and not have to buy the cannulas I figured I should give it a try. I must say that I am extremely impressed with the Calaject unit and wish that it had of come along many years ago. Injections are absolutely painless according to my patients, and mandibular block injections are way more predictable with a very fast onset. I would highly recommend this unit to all of my colleagues!”

Dr. Brian Bengtson, Coquitlam, B.C.
cst testimonial

A review on the CST® system

“I was very impressed with the Fiber Force CST material made by Synca. I used it on 3 screwed retained hybrid cases and the frameworks were very strong after curing. The instructional video is very helpful and I was able to make the frames without any issues!”

Jay Bissette, C.D.T., Raleigh, North Carolina
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I really like the quality of my ExamVision loupes, when I compared the quality with the leading products in the US - you can see that ExamVision are a notch above and far better than the competition. The quality of the optics are amazing which provides impressive widths and depths of field, especially when ordering above a 4.0x in a short barrel design! I like the stylish pure titanium frames which makes them very easy to adjust to my face. Glasses are always hard to fit and some companies I needed to tie up the head strap so they didn’t move on my face! With ExamVision I don’t have to do that and they are very comfortable, lightweight and well balanced. Thank you Synca for these ExamVision loupes…. I was a little nervous ordering without seeing the loupes in person… but am very glad I took the chance. I recommend Synca and ExamVision if you’re looking for top quality loupes!”

Jiho Yang, 2016 DDS candidate, Cleveland
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“Thanks for the timely delivery! The loupes turned out better than expected! The quality of these loupes is far better than any of the leading companies that I've seen here in the US. I have nothing but good things to say about the quality, craftsmanship, as well as ease of dealing with Synca and Exam Vision. After comparing multiple loupe brands, I am convinced that Exam Vision is the best pair on the market. I was a little worried about not seeing them before buying them…… but your 45 day risk free trial put my mind at ease and your experience and dental ergonomic knowledge gave me confidence to try them out! Thank you very much Robert for your service, support, and answering all my questions. I'll spread the word!!”

James, Plastic Surgery Resident, USA
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I always believed that dentists were wearing loupes to express a certain sense of superiority. However, within 30 minutes of wearing my new Exam Vision loupes from Synca, I had immediately adjusted to my new vision. My Synca rep explained that this is due to the superior fields and image clarity. I even ordered loupes and a light for my hygienist. Sylvie (our Synca rep) helped with ergonomic positioning. I have been practicing dentistry for 46 years and I now feel liking working for another 46 years, as I'm having so much pleasure from finally SEEING my work. Theses loupes and light are fantastic. Happy will be the dentist that gets these products.”

Jean-Luc Rivest D.D.S., Quebec, QC