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synca posts
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cst temp

NEW: CST® TEMP - a FiBER FORCE® product

Synca announces the immediate availability of CST® TEMP. This fiber reinforcement offers a significant increase in the fracture and fatigue resistance of phase 1 transitional dentures. CST® TEMP adds only 5-10 minutes to the fabrication time of a new or conversion denture and is designed to be so cost effective that it will be inserted in all cases. It will save dentists, labs and especially patients, the significant inconvenience and hassles of having to repair fragile transitional dentures.
cst testimonial

A review on the CST® system

“Synca has made a strong commitment to bring innovative and excellent materials to the dental industry. One of these innovated products is CST - an alternative substructure for implant fixed hybrid prostheses. I have utilized the unique characteristics of this material for approximately 3 and half years on multiple fixed implant cases. Each case was removed yearly for hygiene and study purposes. With no complications noted and a high success rate CST will be a key modernization moving forward in successful treatment planning.”

Tanner Doering d.d., Alberta Denture Clinic, Edmonton, AB
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes & lights review

“I contacted Hapi Randhawa regarding an issue with my essential light. It had stopped working. Within couple of days she took care of the issue. Excellent service!”

Gurpreet Jaura, Mississauga, ON
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I got my loupes and I LOVE THEM! The Titanium frames are well built but still very lightweight. The magnification is perfect and I still have a large field of view. I really like the light as well. Some of my staff commented on how great they looked compared to others!! Thank you for the great service and product, I will recommend your company and product to my colleagues.”

Dr. Nouf Baker, Montreal, QC
calaject marketing

Calaject young patient marketing program

Synca is please to present a new concept for marketing Calaject to your younger patients. A cartoon and activity booklet presents Calaject and creates curiosity around the new device. The booklet presents Calaject and how its lights and beeps make treatment painless. The young patient becomes a hero after treatment and receives his choice of hero badge. This is complemented with wall posters for your operatories and a Calaject sticker for the operatory entrance.