2 minutes home whitening brush!

ENA WHITE 2.0 is a revolutionary whitening product that makes at home whitening easier than ever. Following prophylaxis treatment, patients can whiten teeth at home in only 2 minutes per day. The unique, patented formula is a 6% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel and XS151, a special accelerator which activates while brushing. The absorption rate of hydrogen peroxide is increased exponentially if compared to a traditional bleaching with tray.

From Micerium Italy

  • Highest compliance
  • Low cost
  • Only 2 minutes per day
  • No trays required

Additional advantages include

Total contact of teeth with hydrogen peroxide of only 20 minutes for total treatment, less irritation, savings on costs and time for impressions, models and custom trays. Use ENA White 2.0 stand-alone or in-conjunction with a fast-start in-office treatment.

No more bleaching trays

ENA WHITE 2.0 eliminates the need to take impression and fabricate bleaching trays, saving you and your patients both time and money. ENA WHITE 2.0 is easy to use, providing a comfortable whitening experience and a protocol that is compliance-friendly. Since the treatment time is reduced, so is the risk of swallowing the hydrogen peroxide gel during the treatment.

no bleaching tray
ena white brush

ena white brush

ENA WHITE 2.0 VS Tranditional whitening system

ENA WHITE 2.0 Traditional whitening
1. Brush at home for 2 minutes for 10 days. 1. Take an impression of the teeth.
2. Prepare plaster & pour models to dry.
3. Fabricate a bleaching tray using a vacuum forming machine.
4. Cut and trim bleaching tray to gum line.
5. Client fills trays and wears them for 45-90 minutes per day for 10-14 days.

Whitening solutions from Synca

Professional whitening techniques available to dentists and to the public are changing. We can work with you to design and offer the whitening program that best meets the needs of your practice. Whitening is often the starting point of more comprehensive treatment plans, and is the single most requested esthetic treatment. Depending upon your preferences, staff and operatory availability, we can help you offer more successful, highly competitive solutions for in-office, at-home or combination treatment options.
brilliance Professional take-home whitening system
brilliance 20 20 min. in-office whitening system
ena white 2 minutes home whitening brush
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