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Lute-It Luting System is a dual-cure resin cementation kit for esthetic applications. It is designed to be used for cementing all ceramic and all-composite indirect restorations (veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays) and for intra-oral porcelain repair. Lute-It Cementation System contains eight cement shades which are dual-cure, radiopaque and fluoride-releasing. Each shade has its own matching water-soluble try-in paste.

Product Benefits

  • Versatile shading with three levels of opacity
  • Optically opaque shades are more natural than conventional cement shades
  • Micro-particulate formulation provides excellent long term marginal integrity
  • A universally shaded catalyst is provided for dual-cure applications
  • Presents a clear shade that is unsurpassable in its clarity


The Dental Advisor Plus: Vol. 17, 2000

+++++ out of 5

The Dental Advisor Plus had 19 consultants use LUTE-IT!® in over 300 luting cases and porcelain repairs.

"Lute-It!® is an excellent, dual-cured resin cement. It received a 97% rating."

Consultants' comments:

“This kit is simplicity itself. Everything needed is provided and well organized in the drawers.”

“The cost, plus all the parts of the kit, make this a very good bargain.”

“Reduced number of steps is a big help.”

Lute-It!® FAQ

Q. How many shades does Lute-It cement come in?

A. We carry 9 shades of Lute-It cement light-cured base: clear, light, dark, opaceous white, universal, light yellow, dark yellow, grey, and opaceous universal.

Q. Is Lute-It cement dual-cure or self-cure?

A. It’s both. Use the light-cure base alone or mix it 1:1 with the universal catalyst to make the material dual-cure. This allows the clinician to utilize Lute-It cement in areas not accessible to a curing light.

Q. What is the difference between your Cement-It® Universal C&B™ cement and Lute-It luting cement?

A. Cement-It Universal C&B cement is provided in an automix syringe (base and catalyst side-by-side), whereas Lute-It cement comes in individual syringes with the base separate from the catalyst. When the light-cured Lute-It base cement is used separately it allows the clinician to work at his or her own pace and light-cure when applicable. The Lute-it universal catalyst can be mixed with the Lute-It base cement to make the material dual- cure, making it comparable to Cement-It Universal C&B cement.

Q. Where should I store Lute-It cement?

A. The Lute-It luting system should be stored in the refrigerator as should all self-cure and dual cure materials.

Q. Do you offer Try-In gels for the Lute-It system?

A. Yes. We carry Lute-it Try-In gels for all available base shades.

Q. How should I use the stains that are available in this system?

A. The stain can either be mixed into the Lute-It base cement itself, or applied to an acid-etched tooth then light-cured to block out a dark prep site. Refer to the instructions provided with the Lute-It Stains kit.

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