Professional take-home whitening system

Synca was one of the 1st companies to offer professional whitening to Canadian dentists. Our traditional Brilliance formula has now been updated with a higher strength formula and sensitivity-reducing additives for reduced wear times. Brilliance new formula is for fast-acting day wear, with treatment times as little as 30-45 minutes per day for up to 10 days.
20 minutes in-office whitening system

20 minute in-office effective and affordable whitening system. While patients appreciate an in-office quick solution to dental whitening, previous products have been quite expensive to acquire, and due to the time to set up, prepare and offer treatment, the overall patient cost has alienated many patients from seeking whitening in the dental office.
ENA White 2.0
2 minutes home whitening brush

ENA WHITE 2.0 is a revolutionary whitening product that makes at home whitening easier than ever. Following prophylaxis treatment, patients can whiten teeth at home in only 2 minutes per day. The unique, patented formula is a 6% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel and XS151, a special accelerator which activates while brushing. The absorption rate of hydrogen peroxide is increased exponentially if compared to a traditional bleaching with tray.