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Synca hosts and sponsors various continuing education events – all with the aim of providing Smart Solutions for you Success.

For a list of upcoming on-line and in-person events, click the link below:

ez dam testimonial

An EZ DAM isolation system review

“After Isolite was first introduced to the dental market about 20 years ago I became a loyal user. I went through a few years without a dental assistant and it was unbelievably helpful. When I was told that the EZ DAM system served the same purpose but had several advantages, I was skeptical.

The EZ DAM unit has parts that are sterilizable and reusable (the bite blocks and core) as well as a disposable part (the mouthpiece). That is one of the major advantages over Isolite, where it's all one piece. Since they are separate parts, the bite block material can be stiffer than Isolite's and the mouthpiece can be softer than Isolite’s, so it performs better than Isolite and is more comfortable. Other important elements are that since you don't throw out the entire device with each use, it is more cost effective with a lower cost per piece overall. And, the cleaning of the device is much simpler for staff as you just place the EZ DAM core in the sterilizer, no need to disassemble, use brushes, o-rings and lubrication. I use EZ DAM when I have any trouble keeping the patient still and stay dry. I love it for composites and crown preps, especially CEREC dentistry. I have been a CEREC user for nearly 20 years and used Isolite initially... (continue)

Dr. John Pisacane, San Jose, CA, USA
examvision panto frames

NEW colours available (Panto frame)

ExamVision has 8 NEW vibrant and bold SPLASH colours available on the Panto frame. Panto has a timeless, lightweight style with a perfect shape, suitable for most faces. Now available in a total of 11 colours, offering even more customization when choosing your perfect ExamVision loupes. Contact SYNCA today to set up an in-office consultation. (1-800-667-9622)

education on bti implants/endoret
education on bti implants/endoret

October 3-7, 2022 // 9AM - 7PM // Spain

A biological approach to Implantology

5 day Seminar - 40 CE Hours

Dr. Eduardo Anitua - MD · DDS · PHD

The educational objective of the course is to offer the attendees an innovative working method and predictable protocols which are the result of advanced scientific research and extensive clinical experi- ence. The seminars are based on a complete and multidisciplinary approach starting from the treatment planning phase to bone regen- eration techniques. They also focus on necessary protocols for the treatment of complex rehabilitations through live surgeries in closed circuit, practical workshops and specialized conferences coordinated by Dr. E. Anitua and his team of experts.

cj-optik testimonial

A CJ-Optik microscope review

“After reviewing the top microscopes on the market I decided to invest with CJ-Optik/Synca. I was a bit surprised at this, as I thought I would have gone with another vendor initially, but once I saw through the scope and was able to experience the optical clarity, the larger diameter optical channels, and the uni-ball centrally balanced mobility, it became the obvious choice.

There are reasons why CJ-Optik won the award for the best designed microscope, and I could see why. As a specialist, my work entails very intricate details and my decision making is based on my visual acuity that directly impacts treatment. This CJ-Optik TWIN microscope allows me to easily detect root fractures and root damage. My surgical work has become much more conservative and clean which expedites the healing process and the results are more aesthetically pleasing. The addition of the fluorescent illumination really differentiates the filing materials, the calculus, and caries which allows me to be extremely conservative and precise in my removal of restorations vs tooth structure... (continue)”

Dr Freddy Fokam, DDS MSc (perio), Gatineau, QC
Periodontist & Implant Surgeon
education on biomorphology with composites

Learn on your own schedule // On-line Course

Biomorphology in Restorative Dentistry

25 CE Hours

Dr. Vassnia Nizama - DDS, Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation

The main goal in oral rehabilitation is precisely to restore and maintain the function of the masticatory system which is fundamental for nutrition. Hence, the importance of morphology in our field of work. A proper dental morphology is a determining factor for proper function (improvement of masticatory efficiency), satisfactory occlusion, biodynamic and aesthetics as a consequence. Aesthetic is a critical factor for anterior restorations where anatomy and morphology play the major role to achieve a successful esthetic result. It is also an effective tool to achieve satisfactory photographic records, presentations of clinical cases and patient acceptance of dental treatments proposed by mock up or wax up.

At the end of the course, each par/cipant will have the ability to recognize, perceive and reconstruct all the biomorphologic structures of the anterior/posterior teeth efficient and correctly, through drawings based on the photographic record of real teeth, which has been shown to greatly improve percep/on of 3D forms. Students will be aware of occlusal, func/onal, and adhesive den/stry concepts related to improved morphology (i.e. layering technique), including clinical !ps, tools and useful techniques to improve our clinical prac/ce.


Health commitment due to the COVID-19

Synca is dedicated to keeping our clients, staff, and all those in the community safe while social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

We believe that exercising the proper protocols are imperative for people to stay healthy, and we would like to offer our insight on how best our industry can adapt to new guidelines and move forward to operate in this new environment...