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Synca carries a range of quality products for dentists, denturists, and dental labs that intelligently address challenges faced by dental professionals. Click below to access and download our most recent “SMART SOLUTIONS” flyer to discover some of the solutions that can make life easier for you.

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RDHU & SYNCA Present:

Back to Work: Adapting and Changing - a virtual presentation by Anna Louise Tolan, RDH, FADIA

1 CE Hour

During this global pandemic, the profession of dentistry was restricted to emergency care or shut down. It had been well-publicized that dental professionals are at the highest risk for exposure to disease; with dental hygienists topping the list. What does return to work look like? What steps can we take to protect ourselves? Planning a return can be the perfect opportunity to change your practice. Be ready for the new level of elevated care we will provide, implementing positive change to thrive and succeed.

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Health commitment due to the COVID-19

Synca is dedicated to keeping our clients, staff, and all those in the community safe while social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

We believe that exercising the proper protocols are imperative for people to stay healthy, and we would like to offer our insight on how best our industry can adapt to new guidelines and move forward to operate in this new environment...
bti implants

Synca is proud to offer the BTI® Implants

Synca is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with BTI® Biotechnology Institute in Canada. BTI® Biotechnology Institute is a Spanish multinational company specialising in biomedicine and biotechnology whose activity focuses on two areas: Regenerative Medicine and Oral Implantology.

BTI® is carrying out research since 1995 & regarded worldwide as a scientific pioneer in Regenerative Medicine for the development and patents of the technology of plasma rich in growth factors Endoret® (prgf®) in different fields of medicine. In the area of Oral Implantology, BTI® developed an Implant System which stands out internationally for its quality, innovation and versatility.
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“Just wanted to let evreybody knows that I’m super happy with my loupes! I’m not bending over as much as I did with my previous loupes and it’s much more ergonomic and high quality, and it really shows. So thanks a lot for all the helps! The 3.5x is also a perfect magnification for me!”

Maryam Tarar, DDS candidate 2021, McGill University
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“From the beginning Hapi has been extremely helpful, kind, understanding of my needs. Her service has been impeccable. I was a first time loupe owner, so I didn’t know what was what. I spoke to various reps who offered me new loupes but each one had something lacking. But when I met Hapi and I was introduced to ExamVision by Synca, I didn’t need to be convinced. Quality always speaks for itself and that was the case here too. From the first consultation appointment to when my loupes were delivered, everything was immaculate. I have Galilean loupes in 3.3x and I remember Hapi walking me through the different frames and magnifications to make sure that I only got what suited me best. And the final product nailed it, I gave my university entrances with it, the long hours of the exam coupled with stress of it all was never overshadowed with me having to worry about the loupes. They are light and so far I haven’t had a issue with them. The only concern I had once right after I got the loupes was adjusting the arms of the glasses and Hapi’s response was prompt and the issue was fixed conveniently soon. Another pro is that I don’t have to keep worrying about charging the battery either because it lasts so long. All in all, excellent customer service, providing quality products at reasonable prices. They're an asset to the medical profession and I cant wait to upgrade, not because I need new ones but simply because all their products are that amazing! I can easily visualize using them for the rest of my career!”

Sahiba Atwal Purewal BDS DDS
Western University, 2021 Graduate
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“Impressive quality with the loupes and also amazing service. Required an adjustment with my loupes following an accident and my rep Trevor Meades was quick to the rescue. He even took the time to set up a Zoom call on a Saturday to guide me thru to the fix. Bravo Synca!”

Dr. Goldie Dixit, Smiths Falls, ON
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“In the 35 years I’ve been wearing loupes, the Kepler Advanced from ExamVision are by far and away the most amazing loupes I’ve ever owned. I’ve tried all the major players and brands, including Orascoptic, Designs for Vision, and Surgitel at both low and high magnifications. My previous loupes used to give me headaches from the tight nose bridge and how snug I needed to keep the head strap to keep them from shifting. The Kepler Advanced are extremely light and well-balanced, only weighing 68 grams. The Kepler nose position is very comfortable and the ergonomic angle helps my neck stay comfortable as well, even after hours of surgery and long reconstructions. The temple tips of the frames are easily adjustable to get a stable and predictable fit and you almost don’t need the head strap to keep them snug. If you take the time to custom contour them, you won’t need to cinch up the head strap. High end and extremely meticulous dentistry require attention to detail and excellent and comfortable magnification. In particular, superb cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry require the ability to see, refine and polish at a high magnification. I used to change loupes from a low mag to a higher one depending on the procedure. Now I can wear the same super lightweight loupes all day with the ability to change mags with just a click – incredible!

Whether I’m doing an exam or fine polishing a tiny composite margin, the Keplers adjust to my needs for any given procedure. The clarity of the optical field is phenomenal and it is extremely large, even on 6.4x magnification. At that magnification, I like to adjust the fine focus and you can see almost an entire arch with perfect clarity. The Kepler Advanced at 6.4x mag are like wearing a super lightweight microscope, but with a much wider field of view. The headlight is super lightweight being crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and the cable is secure and simple to change. The light has a built in curing shield and produces a very defined and uniform focal spot. The battery life lasts well beyond a full day of procedures, sometimes two days. Synca has always been a great company to work with and Robert Beauchamp is incredibly responsive, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. In these days of huge impersonal dental companies, Synca, and Robert in particular, go above and beyond to provide that extra personal service. Their products are terrific and their service matches as well. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give the ExamVision Kepler Advanced a 20. The overall quality and features of the Kepler loupes are astounding and if you want the best available loupes on the market you MUST buy a pair of these.”

Dr. Michael Morgan, Hindsdale, IL, USA