RDHU & SYNCA Present:

Back to Work: Adapting and Changing - a virtual presentation by Anna Louise Tolan, RDH, FADIA

1 CE Hour

During this global pandemic, the profession of dentistry was restricted to emergency care or shut down. It had been well-publicized that dental professionals are at the highest risk for exposure to disease; with dental hygienists topping the list. What does return to work look like? What steps can we take to protect ourselves? Planning a return can be the perfect opportunity to change your practice. Be ready for the new level of elevated care we will provide, implementing positive change to thrive and succeed.

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Health commitment due to the COVID-19

Synca is dedicated to keeping our clients, staff, and all those in the community safe while social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

We believe that exercising the proper protocols are imperative for people to stay healthy, and we would like to offer our insight on how best our industry can adapt to new guidelines and move forward to operate in this new environment...
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An ExamVision loupes review

“Been using their loupes since I was a student and now as a dentist I'm still using there products, very good quality. Their agent in Calgary, Hugo Matasol, is also very helpful and knowledgeable. Strongly recommended.”

Dr. Omar Abdrabou, Calgary, AB
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I am a recently graduated surgeon practicing in Canada. I used DFV 2.5x Loupes with a microLED Headlight for 6 years in residency. I was satisfied with the loupes overall. Having 2.5 x Loupes gives you a wider range of working distance which is valuable when you are often the assistant rather than the primary surgeon. But the headlight ate through batteries, the light became dim after a few years, and the replacement costs were very high.

I decided to look for a new pair of loupes when I started working independently. I needed 3.5x magnification for brain tumors and simple spinal decompressions. The ideal working distance for different procedures is significantly different. I looked into most loupe manufacturers available in North America before selecting Synca. I am blown away by the quality of my 3.5x Kepler Synca Loupes and Headlight. The loupes are very comfortable and lightweight. The quality of the Leica lenses is exceptional. These loupes are the only ones where you can make adjustments to the working distance after they are manufactured, meaning if the working distance is off a bit, you can change it yourself without having to send the loupes back to the manufacturer. The headlight covers the largest field of view I have seen in a loupe mounted headlight and the light quality is excellent. Hugo was very knowledgeable about loupes and lenses. The measurements taken before custom making my loupes were the most comprehensive I have ever seen. We were even able to make fine adjustments over the phone once I received them to ensure they functioned perfectly. The loupes are considerably more expensive than other brands but the price point definitely reflects the quality. I would not hesitate to recommend these loupes to anyone who wants the highest quality surgical magnification available.”

Dr. Dustin Morgan, Surgeon
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I have been using ExamVision for the last 12 years now. My experience with the product is simply excellent and that is why didn't switch to any other competitors. The after service is another beyond belief! My local representative, Hugo Matasol, gets to my office as soon as the same day to simply repair the troubleshoots of my overuse or faulty mishandling! (where else you can see that?) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Dr. Safi Magharius, Calgary, AB
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I would like to express thanks to Hugo who helped me find my perfect pair of loupes. He is very knowledgeable and informative regarding options and what is best, especially for first year dental students. He always responds right away, which is crucial in my opinion and reflective of excellent customer service. He was never pushy regarding which products to purchase and always recommended the best based on my individual needs. The product itself is very easy to work with since it’s a titanium frame so adjustments are very doable (which we did over the phone). Overall, very happy with Hugo’s service! I would highly recommend exam vision and Hugo specifically because of his outstanding customer service. Thanks Hugo for your help and professionalism! I really value it!”

Natalya Boiko, Edmonton, AB, University of Alberta
calaject article

Comparative study of conventional anesthesia technique versus computerized system anesthesia

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(1) Department of Conservative Dentistry and Prostheses, Faculty of Dentistry, Complutense University of Madrid, Plaza Ramón y Cajal, S/N Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid, Spain

(2) Faculty of Dentistry, Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain