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RDHU & SYNCA Present:

Back to Work: Adapting and Changing - a virtual presentation by Anna Louise Tolan, RDH, FADIA

1 CE Hour

During this global pandemic, the profession of dentistry was restricted to emergency care or shut down. It had been well-publicized that dental professionals are at the highest risk for exposure to disease; with dental hygienists topping the list. What does return to work look like? What steps can we take to protect ourselves? Planning a return can be the perfect opportunity to change your practice. Be ready for the new level of elevated care we will provide, implementing positive change to thrive and succeed.

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Health commitment due to the COVID-19

Synca is dedicated to keeping our clients, staff, and all those in the community safe while social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

We believe that exercising the proper protocols are imperative for people to stay healthy, and we would like to offer our insight on how best our industry can adapt to new guidelines and move forward to operate in this new environment...
bti implants

Synca is proud to offer the BTI® Implants

Synca is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with BTI® Biotechnology Institute in Canada. BTI® Biotechnology Institute is a Spanish multinational company specialising in biomedicine and biotechnology whose activity focuses on two areas: Regenerative Medicine and Oral Implantology.

BTI® is carrying out research since 1995 & regarded worldwide as a scientific pioneer in Regenerative Medicine for the development and patents of the technology of plasma rich in growth factors Endoret® (prgf®) in different fields of medicine. In the area of Oral Implantology, BTI® developed an Implant System which stands out internationally for its quality, innovation and versatility.
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An ExamVision loupes review

“ExamVision loupes are one the best loupes you can find! I have personally tried loupes from other companies and none of them are comparable to ExamVision loupes from magnification, durability, and customer service. Unlike some companies, the representatives from Synca/ExamVision are always reachable at any time and any location. They also do follow ups on loupes to make sure the working length is properly adjusted. Loupes are one of the most important tools for dentists and ExamVision made them even easier for dentists, I appreciate the services Synca offered ever since I was in dental school!”

Dr. Carrie Chen, Toronto, ON
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I’ve been incredibly impressed with everything about my new loupes. I have had many inquiries from classmates, as well as some friends that are dentists. I will pass Synca's info on to them so they can reach out and talk with Synca. I appreciate Synca's help and patience and through this process. I can say without a doubt my dentistry has improved in the mere week I’ve had my new loupes.”

Ryan Koch, Peoria, Arizona, USA
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I love my loupes! There are no complaints. I would say it is the best decision that I have ever made in the dentistry field. I was a bit worried about never having seen them before the purchase, but your knowledge along with others that have used and recommended the product came very highly..... I have recommended it to my residents too. Also you are always responsive and accessible when it is needed. Thanks.”

Dr. Niki Vahid, New York, NY
ez dam testimonial

An EZ DAM isolation system review

“I almost always use EZ DAM when placing more than a single composite restoration on the same patient, when preparing or cementing crowns, and even for ortho brackets. It is easy and efficient for me, and with the choices of bite block sizes and silicone mouthpieces, my patients appreciate the added comfort. It offers excellent check retraction and the tongue is kept at bay so they can relax and I can work. EZ DAM is a great tool for an efficient practice.”

Dr. Julie Boisvert, Quebec, QC