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bti endoret

Synca is proud to present Endoret® prgf from BTI®

Endoret® prgf is a biomedical technology aimed at stimulating tissue regeneration by applying autologous proteins. Hundreds of endogenous proteins affect the tissue repair processes, including angiogenesis, chemotaxis and cell proliferation. No exogenic agent can effectively govern all these processes.(1) Endoret technology provides the necessary means for obtaining plasma rich in growth factors from whole blood.

(1) Anitua E, Sánchez M, Orive G, Andia I. Delivering growth factors for therapeutics. Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2008;29:37-41.
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“Thank you so much for my ExamVision loupes! I love them!.. What I like most is the comfort of the lightweight frame and the way the weight is distributed, they feel very light. I also can see the quality of the German optics as the image is very clear and I can see the full arch. And, thank you for teaching me about the importance of how a loupe can do more damage than good if not made ergonomically, because I can see how well I'm positioned with these ergonomic loupes. I like my name on the loupe as well.. it looks cool.... and I love that you are a Canadian company with a Canadian service center... THANK YOU ROBERT!! I'll spread the word.”

Karen Seraydarian, RDH Student, Montreal, QC
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I have been using ExamVision 3.8x with the focus light 5000 for 5-6 years now and to be honest; this loupe is amazing. The titanium frame is still intact, very good quality build. Not only the loupe is amazing, the 2 experience I've had with my representative are simply magnificent. Thanks to Sylvie Chabot my experience with ExamVision is beyond excellent. Once when i was a student, my light stopped working because of the cable; I reached out for Sylvie, and it took her not even 2 days to come meet me at school, take my light to bring it to service; and less than 1 week after, I received my light back all functional without any fees; thanks to the 5 years warranty. Second experience was yesterday. A piece of my light handle was missing so my light couldn't stand on my frame anymore. I reached out for Sylvie at 9pm about the issue. She responded me at 8am the next morning, set me a meeting with the service at noon, and by 1pm everything was settle. The team even replaced my cord and replaced my 2 used accessories (case and wipe) free of charge! thank you Synca, and Sylvie for your wonderful service. i always recommend ExamVision, had a couple friends get them for their dental practice and they love them. I will also buy a 2nd pair as soon as possible; worth every penny.”

Dr. Abed Al-Ahmad, Montreal, QC
calaject testimonial

A Calaject review

“The Calaject is a very comfortable way for freezing patients, they seem to be loving it. We loved the trade-in offer with the STA, and the compact look of the Calaject. Easy to use system!”

Dr. Barbara Kostyk, Cochrane, AB
ez dam testimonial

An EZ DAM® review

“At the Saint-Hyacinthe College’s dental hygienist clinic, the kit EZ DAM became a major player in the students’ daily practice. It provides a good isolation when the rubber dam is not an option in dental surgery. It is also ideal to isolate the surgical site when applying pit and fissure sealants. Furthermore, it is easy to install and very comfortable for the client.”

Guylaine Vallée HD, B.Éd, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC
Responsable of trainee placement, Teacher in dental hygiene