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bti endoret

Synca is proud to present Endoret® prgf from BTI®

Endoret® prgf is a biomedical technology aimed at stimulating tissue regeneration by applying autologous proteins. Hundreds of endogenous proteins affect the tissue repair processes, including angiogenesis, chemotaxis and cell proliferation. No exogenic agent can effectively govern all these processes.(1) Endoret technology provides the necessary means for obtaining plasma rich in growth factors from whole blood.

(1) Anitua E, Sánchez M, Orive G, Andia I. Delivering growth factors for therapeutics. Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2008;29:37-41.
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“Hugo was beyond helpful when I contacted him at the end of Friday just before Thanksgiving about a missing screw from the hinge of my loupes. Within minutes after I emailed him, he replied and offered to fix my loupes on Monday (Thanksgiving day) so that I could see my patients early on Tuesday morning. I am very grateful to Hugo for going out of his ways to help me during this entire process.”

Dr. Sophie Dong, Calgary, AB
penguin testimonial

A review on the Penguin device

“The Penguin is a precise tool that has quickly become indispensable in my implant practice. It allows me to verify osteointegration at 4 months from placement, with comparative stability values from baseline, and to delay load bearing function if the readouts are insufficient. The Penguin is easy to use and precise, gives me complete satisfaction, and it has brought me to occasionally modify my procedures with the goal of increasing the probability of favorable outcomes.”

Dr. Pierre Verpeaux, Limoges, France
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“I have been extremely pleased with my loupes purchase from ExamVision (Synca) this past year. I received Hugo's name from a colleague and from the very beginning, I mentioned to him that I have had difficulty with loupes in the past (have gone through 2 pairs and given up on them both times) and experienced poor service from both previous companies I had dealt with. Hugo met me in my office with a wide variety of loupes and a wealth of information so I could best make my decision. After receiving my loupes, I was taking longer to adjust as I was away from the office for vacation and I do not work full-time. Hugo extended the 45-day trial period to remove that pressure of "accepting the sale". He was confident (even though I wasn't!) that I would eventually adjust and learn to love the loupes. He was right. I have been practicing dentistry for over 10 years without loupes and now can't imagine a day without them. A couple weeks ago, my loupes fell off my desk and got stepped on. Hugo was able to squeeze in an office visit last minute in the middle of his busy day to help adjust them. If the loupes were not of this exceptional quality, there is a very low chance they could have been saved so I am very thankful for this. I cringed a little when I saw the final cost months ago when purchasing these loupes but now I truly understand the value of the quality and service you receive with this company. Highly recommended!!!!”

Dr. Michelle Chong-Gragasin, Edmonton, AB
examvision testimonial

An ExamVision loupes review

“Thank you so much for my ExamVision loupes! I love them!.. What I like most is the comfort of the lightweight frame and the way the weight is distributed, they feel very light. I also can see the quality of the German optics as the image is very clear and I can see the full arch. And, thank you for teaching me about the importance of how a loupe can do more damage than good if not made ergonomically, because I can see how well I'm positioned with these ergonomic loupes. I like my name on the loupe as well.. it looks cool.... and I love that you are a Canadian company with a Canadian service center... THANK YOU ROBERT!! I'll spread the word.”

Karen Seraydarian, RDH Student, Montreal, QC