Solvent-free self-etch adhesive

Bond-1® SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive is a light-cure, one-coat, self-etch adhesive that is truly in a league of its own! Pentron® has effectively removed the solvent, found in virtually all other adhesives on the market today, while preserving the high bond strengths associated with conventional bonding agents. Bond-1 SF forms an interactive bond between the minerals of the tooth structure and the resins of the bonding agent, without the use of acetone, water, or alcohol, providing a superior bond to both dentin and enamel.

Why solvent-free?

Solvents such as acetone, alcohol, or water, are found in all bonding agents on the market. These solvents can be inadvertent contributors to weakened bond strengths and post-operative sensitivity. Bond-1 SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive helps solve these common problems and here’s how:

Provide high, consistent bond strengths by eliminating a step

During routine application of other bonding agents, an air drying step is necessary to remove solvents such as water, alcohol, and acetone. As a result of under drying, and not completely allowing these solvents to evaporate, residual solvents are left behind, potentially resulting in weakened, inconsistent bond strengths, and bonding interface degradation. This factor is especially important to consider as numerous scientific studies have shown that residual water can remain in the adhesive layer and lead to “water-treeing”.

Protecting against post operative sensitivity

Overdrying can lead to post-operative sensitivity by leaving the dentin too dry and exposing the dentin tubules. Likewise, underdrying can leave residual solvent in the resin, thus irritating nerves within the dentin tubules. By eliminating the solvents from Bond-1 SF, we have eliminated both the drying step and the need to worry about these common technique sensitive issues.

Penetration of dentin without solvents

In the past, bonding agents needed to contain solvents in order to effectively penetrate dentin and enamel and provide a strong bond to tooth structure. Bond-1 SF eliminates that need by forming an interactive bond between the minerals of the tooth structure and resins, without commonly used solvents such as water, acetone or alcohol.

Solvent-free also means no environmentally harmful solvents!

Features & Benefits


Protects against sensitivity, eliminating common technique-sensitive issues such as under and over drying. Also prevents evaporation.

No air drying

Saves you precious chair time; doesn’t leave you guessing “how dry is too dry”


No need to acid etch, saves time


Can be used in conjunction with light cure and dual-cure materials*

Unique handling properties

Enables an even spread of the material, ensuring a complete coverage and optimal results

One coat

Easy to use, reduces procedure time

*Compatible with dual-cure materials only when the initial layer of dual-cure material is light cured.

Just one coat!

Most bonding agents on the market require at least two coats of material in order to obtain optimal results. Bond-1 SF only requires 1 coat! In just 3 basic* steps you reach optimal bonding results, making this one of the easiest to use bonding agents on the market. Just apply evenly, rub for 20 seconds, and light cure for 10 seconds!

High Bond Strength

Bond strengths exhibited by Bond-1® SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive are as high as results obtained when using traditional total etch techniques. Validated in a third party study by University of Alabama at Birmingham, Bond-1 SF offers exceptional bond strengths up to 30.4 MPa to Dentin. These exceptionally high bond strengths ensure long lasting, beautiful direct restorations for you and your patients.

Bond-1 SF bond strength

*Bond strength data by W. Jia, S. Jin and J. Turcotte (Pentron, Wallingford CT). Data available upon request.

Low Microleakage

In a study performed by John O. Burgess, DDS, MS at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Bond-1® SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive showed no significant difference in microleakage on either dentin or enamel when compared to 4 other leading competitive bonding agents. Low microleakage means good marginal integrity for all your direct composite restorations, bonded with Bond-1 SF, for years to come.

Bond-1 SF bond strength

**Microleakage data by John O. Burgess, University of Alabama-Birmingham. Data available upon request.

Available in two convenient delivery options


The syringe offers a unique flocked needle tip for easy, direct placement onto the prep. Also includes a smear-free UV coated label for easy cleaning after each use.

Single Dose

This easy to use, self-standing delivery option provides the ultimate in infection control, as it is a one-time use only. Separate applicator brushes are supplied with each single dose.
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