Predictable Prosthesis on Implants

Key points and techniques

Implant-mounted prosthetics is, more often than not, complex, therefore deciding which option is the right one, or the one most suited to the characteristics of both the case and the patient, is complicated.

In this book, we summarise the prosthetic options and simplify the clinical practice guide with the aim to attain the right aesthetics together with an excellent passive fit and hermetic seal, in order to achieve, following a protocol which is explained step by step, successful treatment even in the most complicated of cases.

This way, implant-mounted prosthetics becomes easier, without compromising excellence and predictability.

bti implant book

Short and Extra-Short Implants

In this book, devoted exclusively to short implants, covers all information necessary to use them in day-to-day clinical practice.

It provides biomechanical data on the behaviour of these implants, the significance of their surface, concepts on the specific drilling guidelines for their insertion and a summary of ways to prepare implant-mounted prostheses.

In addition, it sets out specific and innovative techniques for treating vertical atrophy in both the maxilla and the mandible.

bti implant book

Extraction Socket Treatment

A biological approach

The treatment of the post-extraction alveolus is common challenge for any dental medicine professional. Preserving the original volume of the alveolus and preventing its collapse after a dental extraction is still a topic of interest, even more so when the intention is to insert a dental implant in that area.

This book demonstrates a regenerative approach to the post-extraction alveolus based on the use of Endoret® (PRGF®) technology. This fully autologous technology enables us to take on the treatment of the post-extraction alveolus from a biological focus, achieving excellent results. The book also covers various relevant aspects such as the extraction technique and the intrinsic regenerative process of the alveolus, as well as the repercussions of this technology on other more complex cases such as patients treated with bisphosphonates.

bti implant book


A new approach for prevention and treatment

This book aims to transmit the clinician a new guidelines in the management of a pathology of increasing incidence: the peri-implantitis.

This assay provides a comprehensive discourse of essential prosthodontic aspects and surface characteristics in the etiology and progression of the disease. This book presents the new concept of de-osseointegration that goes beyond the current alternatives for the treatment of peri-implantitis.

The authors provide a new paradigm to achieve an atraumatic and predictable treatment of peri-implantitis.

bti implant book

Surgical Manual

Oral implantology

This surgical manual presents a summary of basic information on applied anatomy and biological concepts regarding osseointegration; it also analyses reabsorption patterns and how to tackle them, as well as the importance of selecting the implant that best fits each situation for an appropriate treatment plan.

In short, this book aims to be a reference manual for clinicians, either those who are new to implant treatments or those who perform them regularly, helping them to draw up logical and predictable protocols for their surgeries.

bti implant book
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