BioBlock® Concept

A Biomechanical and Biological Concept

The best clinical decision for the prevention of periimplantitis and the success of implant treatments

The prosthesis is joined to the implant by an intermediate transepithelial, screwed into the implant.

The surface of each integral component (implant and transepithelial) is adapted specifically to the different tissues it will interact with.


The bond between the tissue and the transepithelial is established at the moment it is inserted. The prosthesis can be removed easily without damaging this junction, as the prosthetic platform is located at the gingival level.


BTI transepithelials ensure the reversibility of the screw-retained prosthesis, enabling the height to be modified in situations of gingival morphology alterations.


The surface topography of the BTI implant system (triple roughness modified with calcium ions) maximises the initial anchoring of the implant to the bone.


By using 2 screws, the Bioblock concept ensures a better distribution of the stress in the joining components , optimising the mechanical behaviour.

They are screw-retained to the implant at 35 Ncm and the screw that retains the prosthesis to the transepithelial at 20 Ncm


The right design and high-precision machining of the BTI transepithelials` connection provides a hermetic seal at the implant-platform level and therefore prevents bacterial invasion.

Square Esthetic Abutments

Greater Esthetics, Greater Functionality, Greater Durability in the Restorations of your Patients

New range of square abutments for direct to implant prostheses, with a BIO Profile for long-term maintenance of the gingival tissue.

Highly versatile, they can be used with or without a casting sleeve, for the manufacture of conventional prostheses and for CAD/CAM system.


Thanks to its 4-point non-rotational base


Thanks to its hermetic seal


Provides greater space for the soft tissue and, therefore, improves vascularisation (direct to the implant)


Increases the compatibility with the gingival fibroblasts, improving the biological seal

SQUARE esthetic interface over Unit transepithelial

bti square abutment

SQUARE esthetic abutment direct to implant

bti square abutment

Ti Golden®

A new coating that improves the esthetics and the biological interface by decreasing the accumulation of the bacterial plaque.

Yet again BTI's R&D department comes up with a new and efficient solution: The Ti Golden coating converts titanium into a material with a number of advantages.



The golden colour of these prosthetic abutments with the Ti Golden layer achieves a better aesthetic, which is highly significant in transmitting a greater warmth to the gingival tissues.


Abutments with the Ti Golden layer have a greater biocompatibility with the gingival fibroblasts than the Ti abutments without this layer.

For this reason the joint of the hemidesmosomes around the new prosthetic abutment is superior, improving the biological seal.


The adhesion of static bacteria, with strains of Staphylococcus aureus, measured at 15 and 30 minutes proves that it is lower in prosthetic abutments with the Ti Golden layer compared to normal Ti abutments.

The bacterial colonisation decreases, therefore minimising the risk of peri-implantitis.

bti ti golden

Biocompatibility with gingival fibroblasts / increased GX1

bti ti golden graphic

Note: in vitro studies

Ti Black®

Screws with surface treatment, to achieve the properties of gold with the advantages of titanium

The new Ti Black screws have a new tungsten carbide surface treatment that reduces the friction coefficient and improves glide. This gives them the same properties as gold in terms of pre-stress and resistence to fatigue.


  • Greater preload for the same torque.
  • Possibility of screws coming loose reduced to a minimum.
  • Preload similar to gold, reducing the cost.
  • Small hexagonal head to permit a smaller diameter of the prosthetic chimneys and thus improve the appearance.
  • The lifetime of the screw is extended, as it is more resistant to fatigue.


The number of cycles of stress and fluctuating deformation that this material can withstand is much higher than that of conventional titanium and is comparable with gold.

bti ti black

Preload with a torque of 35 Ncm

bti ti black graphic


Transepithelial abutments with the new Ti Golden surface

Thanks to the short height of the cones it allows us to solve angulation problems of up to 56 degrees, unlike other abutments on the market, whose maximum angulation would be limited to 15°.


The diameter of the straight abutment will depend on the implant platform, yielding an emergence profile of 3.5mm. for Narrow and 4.1mm. for Universal and Universal Plus, although in all these cases the prosthesis diameter will be 4.1mm. As for the wide platform, both diameters will be 5.5mm.


This abutment implant is available in Tiny, Universal platform and Universal Plus. Prosthesis diameter of 5mm. for all of them.

For all lines of BTI implants

MULTI-IM® transepithelial abutments are made from titanium and are available for both straight and angled.

Formed by two components, the sleeve and retention screw, which should be tightened to the implant head at a torque of 35 Ncm, with the LLMTP torque wrench. The screw that attaches the prosthesis to the abutment is tightened at a torque of 20 Ncm.

bti multi-im

BTI Prosthetic Components

Clinical Prosthetic Components

BTI prosthetic components are evolving to improve the quality of the prosthetic work. Ti-Golden is a treatment that gives biological and aesthetic advantages to the restoration.

This section presents all of the components for making both cemented and screw-retained provisional and/or final prostheses. It will set out the technical specifications of each of them and provide a basic explanation of how to perform the prosthetic work.

bti prosthetics

bti prosthetics
bti implants & abutments Innovative dental implants and prosthetic
endoret Regenerative medecine
kexim Implant extractor kit
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fiber force cst Full & implant dentures
implantmed Implantology Surgical Devices
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neomem Membranes
neoplug neocote neotape Resorbable Collagen Wound Dressings
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