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Reviews on Calaject

“My goal in purchasing the Calaject was to have the flexibility and option of multi-quad restoration and providing a better experience for my pedo patients. After trying the Calaject I'm surprised at how effective it was, especially with the fact that I didn't' have the same experience when trying the Wand. Not only did my patients have a consistently positive experience both adults and children, they also mentioned how quickly they felt they were numb. The portability of the equipment and the fact that I can use my own needles and cartridges, eliminating any additional re-occuring cost is a big bonus. Being able to offer an even better dental experience and more treatment options on the same appointment for my patients is definitely rewarding for my patients and my practice!”

Anna Fong, DDS, Richmond Hill, ON
“I have been a daily Wand user for the better part of 20 years now and had to accept the continuing expense of the disposable cannulas. When I heard about the Calaject from Synca, and realized that we could use our regular syringe needles and not have to buy the cannulas I figured I should give it a try. I must say that I am extremely impressed with the Calaject unit and wish that it had of come along many years ago. Injections are absolutely painless according to my patients, and mandibular block injections are way more predictable with a very fast onset. I would highly recommend this unit to all of my colleagues!”

Dr. Brian Bengtson, Coquitlam, B.C.
“I was looking for an adjunctive local anesthetic technique due to the fact I was having some problems with the inferior dental block where it was not working or taking too long to take effect . It's surprising how Calaject is a great help, not only as an adjunctive procedure, but as a primary procedure, especially with children and minor surgical procedures. I do recommend Calaject for every dental office looking to move to the next step.”

Dr. Tariq Alsalous, Squamish, B.C.
“Testimonial If you are looking for a clinical game changer that your patients will thank you for, then I highly recommend using the Calaject for consistent comfortable injections.”

Dr. Winston Law, Brampton, ON
“I switched from providing my injections with the Wand to the Calaject system about two months ago, and it was a wise decision! The change in product was easy to adapt to as they both function very similarly, but with Calaject there are no recurring costs! The change in systems paid for itself in 3-4mths and from what I calculated I'm saving thousands per year moving forward. I like the fact that Calaject doesn't have to be plugged into the wall making it easy for staff to move it from op to op. I also like the look of the unit better as well - more impressive looking. My patients haven't noticed a difference and I'm still benefitting from more comfortable, consistent injections for my patients. I find this technology increases block injection success with a faster onset. I also like the fact that I can offer options to my patients that minimize the number of injections given, as well as utilize less anesthetic overall! Patients love not having their whole face numb when I have to treat a lower molar, or love that I can give only one very comfortable palatal injection to anesthetize the same number of teeth as 6 infiltrations!

THANK YOU SYNCA - I would recommend the Calaject system to all my colleagues and every Wand user out there! It's a wise decision…as well as Hugo for his excellent service and support in Alberta.”

Dr. Emad Morris, Edmonton, AB
"I like the ergonomic pen-like grip of the Calaject system, compared to a traditional syringe. It is much more comfortable to work with – especially since I have to provide injections every day – all day long! I used to have muscular pain in my hands and that diminished significantly since I stopped using a regular syringe. I believe that this grip provides better control over the delivery site, so my ability to maneuver, stabilize and navigate the needle is much better."

Dr. Margalit Gavrilov, Newmarket, ON

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calaject marketing program

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