Awarded for Design - Designed for Dentists!

All of the essentials, optimized in every way for the best possible optical, ergonomic and mechanical performance, just as you demand!

Exclusive unibody construction offers purity of form and perfection of function. The microscope is created using a minimalist design philosophy, demanding that less is truly more. All essentials, included! The highest quality German optical and machining skills are combined to create a no-compromise system of elegance and simplicity.

Apo and Plan

Apochromatic optics with the latest index-matched coatings are integrated, offering the highest correction available for aberration, color, light transmission, and distortion. Precise and innovative construction provides superior ergonomic placement of all functions and controls, along with unparalleled ease-of-movement!
cj optik award

CJ-Optik Unique Combination of Features

  • Truly complete system, offering virtually all possible accessories included at one economical price

  • High intensity, fanless built-in and color corrected LED with 5.500 K light source provides brilliant pure-white-light for optimal viewing and photography. No fragile fibre-optic cables break or tangle

  • 5-step full apochromatic magnification changer (0.4 - 0.6 - 1 - 1.6 - 2.5)

  • Mobile stand, ceiling mount, wall mount, fixed mounting available

  • Beam splitter with 30° incline and rear photo tube port for optimal ergonomics and near perfect symmetrical balance

  • HD photo tube (Full Frame or APS-C) camera adapter for all major camera brands. Focal lengths and optics have been uniquely designed for an ideal match to today’s latest digital cameras

  • Power connection adapter to Sony Alpha series, Nikon, Canon

  • VarioFocus with long range 200 to 350mm working distance and plan-apochromatic correct built-in optics. Removable protection cover lens

  • 0 to 200º inclinable binocular tube offers a huge range of vertical flexibility for comfortable positioning

  • Registered Design unique MonoBall coupling allows fluid and smooth repositioning at all angles without having to loosen and retighten knobs while doing so

  • Built-in orange filter for composites

  • The very best optical coatings and optimal alignment provide the most efficient light transmission to the user and camera

  • Rotation plate allows the user to remain in an upright and ergonomic position (head upright to the binoculars) while the microscope is angled right or left

  • Ergonomically placed control knobs and handles insure that all functions are immediately at your fingertips for all inter-procedure changes

  • HDMI exit, USB exit, camera AC/DC power and 24 V monitor power supply are integrated within the arm for superior/cleaner cable management

  • Long and stable suspension arm is the same for wall, ceiling and floor stand systems. Your choice and all offered at the same great price

  • Precision manufactured in Germany to the very highest quality standards - built to last a lifetime
cj optik with doctor

cj optik with doctor
cj optik variofocus

VarioFocus – long range 200 to 350mm working distance.
cj optik monoball

MonoBall - the weightless movement balancing system.
cj optik superior light

Superior light transmission/throughout for optimal viewing and documentation.
cj optik hd imaging ports

HD-Imaging ports are optimized for the newest digital cameras (APS-C/Full Frame). Continuous power to all Sony Alpha cameras.
cj optik 4k monitor

4K monitor and iPad mount availalble - easy to install.
cj optik power integrated

USB, HDMI, Medical monitor power integrated for a better workflow.
cj optik ergotube

Ergotube 30° with binocular inclination, 0 to 200° and long eye relief eyepieces.
cj optik elegance

Elegance, high performance, solid build and simplicity – look no further!
examvision Magnification loupes
cj optik Award design dental microscope
ez dam Dryfield isolation system
calaject Pain-free injections