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Reviews on els

“The experience acquired through 30 years of dental practice and provided me with the opportunity to use almost every composite available. I have seen many cases of marginal fractures in MOD restorations. This has never occurred with els extra-low shrinkage. I am particularly impressed with the long term shade stability. els is the most perfect composite that I have used to date. I’m very satisfied with this material, from it’s simple placement to it’s perfect margins. No postoperative sensitivity. It is a top notch material.”

Dr. Marcel Rottenberg, Zurich
“els extra low shrinkage of Saremco is easy to place in all types of cavities. One of its important advantages is the remarkable marginal adaptation. This is my observation after placing about 300 restorations. After finishing and polishing, the margins are not perceptible, either by explorer or visual examination under loupes. Excellent handling and placement properties and superb marginal adaptation.”

Professor Vladimir Ivanovic, 2005, DDS, MSc, PhD, FDS, Professor conservative dentistry and endo-dontics, Faculty of Densitry, Belgrade University
“The overall esthetics and handling characteristics of els are a 9 out of 10. With els I appreciate that the low shrinkage properties and absence of HEMA and TEGDMA also allow me to keep my patient's interests in mind.”

Dr. Arun Narang, Mississauga, ON
“If you like a creamy handling composite, high polishability, low shrinkage percentage and stress, and biocompatibility then you should consider trying Saremco els.”

Dr. Mike Racich, Vancouver, BC
“The consistency of els is really nice. It stays where you put and doesn't slump. This makes it easier and faster to complete multiple quadrant restorations. The finish is surprisingly good for a 'universal' composite.”

Eileen Villanueva, RRDH, Mississauga, ON
“TEGDMA and BPA represent risks to human health. The probability of TEGDMA being present in dental composite is high, and the risks of allergies and cytotoxicity are well documented. The best method to protect yourself is to use a composite that is TEGDMA-FREE. As for BPA, is represents a potential risk that is more significant, because is perturbs the endocrine balance. Though not present in dental composites, dental sealants containing Bis-DMA are potentially susceptible to degrade into BPA.”

Autredent, no 56, 85; Jean-Marc Meyer, professor emeritus, Université de Genève, responsible for Dental Biomaterials technology
“Working under a surgical microscope has shown me that composite restorations are systematically associated with enamel cusp fracture. Often invisible to the naked eye, hairline fractures are always detectable under careful examination. Following a referral, I have been using els extra low shrinkage on all large restorations for three years now, and I practically never see these hairline fractures. From all evidence, even thin cusps are able to withstand the small contraction stress imposed by els. Based on my personal experience to date, I can recommend els without hesitation.”

Dr. Philippe Perrin, Schaffhausen
“els provides excellent handling combined with good esthetics and strength. It's the most biocompatible composite available, free of HEMA,TEGDMA and BpA, and meets the requests of concerned patients.”

Dr. Christopher Tsang, Aurora, ON
“I was impressed by the overall handling characteristics and esthetic qualities of els. The hardness once light-cured also gave me a good feeling about the strength of the material”

Dr. Jeff Weaver, Aurora, ON
“els is simply one of the best composites out there. There are other good ones but els lacks the negatives the other ones unfortunately have.”

Dr. Donald Cudmore, Saint John, NB
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