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ENA HRi® Bio Function is a composite material with unique characteristics for all direct and indirect restorations in the anterior or posterior. It does not contain co-monomers, bis-GMA or bisphenol-A. It does not release free nanoparticles.

Its unique formulation is highly wear-resistant, offering a wear rate similar to that of natural dentin or gold, making it ideal for direct or laboratory fabricated posterior restorations, such as restorations on implants, onlays, single crowns or full arches.

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NEW Biocompatible Composite
Bio Function offers a perfect integration in harmony with the human body without releasing any toxic substances. It cures in the highly stability resin matrix that does not releases and free nanoparticles in the powders generated by finishing and polishing that can be absorbed by the body.
bio function SEM bio function SEM

SEM image shows particle clusters superior to 1 micron

Bio Function offers a wear resistance similar to natural enamel and gold


bio function REM

Bio Function

bio function REM

50x SEM images. The abrasion of Bio Function is similar to gold and therefore to natural enamel.


bio function REM

Bio Function

bio function REM

500x SEM images. The surface of Bio Function appears abraded in a regular and uniform way.

Wear Comparative Analysis

Wear Depth (mm) Volume Loss (mm3)
Natural enamel 0.216
Bio Function (1) 0.252
Bio Function (2) 0.212
Gold type III 0.219
Pressed Ceramic 0.303
Composite F (1) 0.464
Composite F (2) 0.459

University of Chieti - Prof. Camillo D'Arcangelo

(1) Light cured with dentist's curing unit

(2) Light cured with Laborlux - curing unit for laboratory; it cures with heat (70°C)

Composite F: reference composite chosen after identified as the best among the ones tested during the preliminary phase

SEM: after 120 000 cycles by two-body wear test in a dual axis chewing simulator

Physical Properties

Fluorescence like natural tooth

fluorescence natural tooth

Natural tooth
fluorescence bio function

Restoration done with dentin & enamel Bio Function

Bio Function offers excellent physical properties

Physical Data MPa
Vickers hardness 685
Flexural Strength 150
Modulus of elasticity 11600
Compressive Strength 460

Physical data maintained till 4mm of depth with LED light curing unit (minimum power 1000mW)
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