ENA HRi® Bio Function basic kit

This kit includes necessary materials to get started with Bio Function to complete restorations, without the complete shade selection for more advanced and complex anterior restorations.

  • 2 – Achromatic enamel shades: BF2, BF3
  • 3 – Fluorescent dentin shades: BD2, BD3, BD4
  • 1 – ENA HRi® Flow BisGMA-free 2g syringe: UD2

  • 1 – Plexiglass 9-syringe holder (optional)
  • 1 – ENA Shiny polishing kit (optional)
  • 1 – ENA HRi Bio Function waiting room cardboard foldout (optional & free)

(Available in 5g syringes OR 12 x 0.3g tips)
bio function basic kit

ENA HRi® Bio Function dentin shades

Fluorescent dentin shades are designed to build up dentin mass for all restorations. The shades are graded in chroma, ranging from 0 (lightest) through 6 (darkest). Larger restorations benefit esthetically from a progressive build up from darker to lighter shades (using 1, 2 or 3 dentin shades per restoration).

BD0, BD0.5, BD1 (A1), BD2 (A2), BD3 (A3), BD3.5 (A3.5), BD4 (A4), BD5, BD6

(Available in 5g syringe OR 12 x 0.3g tips)
bio function dentin

ENA HRi® Bio Function enamel shades

Achromatic Enamel shades are use to replace existing enamel in the same thickness as original enamel (generally 0.5 mm on the labial surface), or for diastema closures, veneers, etc.

  • BF1 – low value (darker)
  • BF2 – medium value (universal adult)
  • BF3 – high value (bright younger dentition)

(Available in 5g syringe OR 12 x 0.3g tips)
bio function enamel

ENA Shiny finishing and polishing kit

Bring Micerium restorations to a lustrous polish using the “Shiny” polishing system. “Shiny” is a fast 3-step system using diamond and aluminum oxide polishing pastes. It is designed specifically for this nano-hybrid composite and will quickly polish restorations while preserving the anatomy created.

  • 1 – 0.5gm diamond paste SHINY A 3µm
  • 1 – 0.5g diamond paste SHINY B 1µm
  • 1 – 4g Shiny paste SHINY C
  • 2 – goat hair brushes RA
  • 1 – felt disc SHINY FD
  • 1 – felt wheel SHINY F
  • 1 – mandrel RA
  • 2 – tips air block SHINY G
  • 1 – rubber point SHINY

ena shiny

Silicone brush sets – sterilizable (clinical)

  • 5 – blue tips brush with metal handle (45° / 45°)
  • 5 – blue tips brush with metal handle (90° / 180°)
  • 5 – blue tips brush refill (sterilizable)

Silicone brush sets – non sterilizable (lab)

  • 5 – soft white silicone brush (small tip)
  • 5 – hard black silicone brush (small tip)

Modelling brushes – sterilizable

  • 1 – hair brush for stains
  • 1 – hair brush for anatomy
  • 1 – hair brush for sculpting

micerium brushs

micerium brushs

micerium brushs

ENA HRi Bio Function waiting room cardboard foldout

Order yours for FREE today!

bio function cardboard

It is possible to mix and match both ENA HRi® Bio Function and ENA HRi® to meet all your needs for biocompatibility, wear resistance and esthetic results.

ena hri bio function BPA-FREE composite
ena hri Vanini Stratification Technique
ena hri flow “No Bubbles” Formulation
ena matrix Anatomical Sectional Matrices & Wedge System