examvision kepler advance
KEPLER ADVANCED MAGNIFICATION (3.6x - 4.5x - 5.5x - 6.4x)

A breakthrough in zoom magnification!

The world’s 1st and only lightweight high-power zoom loupe

Kepler Advanced is the groundbreaking adjustable 4 in 1 magnification loupe brought to you by ExamVision. Kepler Advanced is specifically designed for expert users within the dental and medical sectors who want to upgrade to a more powerful, high-end loupe. It is intricately handmade with exclusive loupe technology and sophisticated materials. Thanks to its Turn 'N' Click system, switch magnifications easily in a single motion to achieve perfect precision for any procedure.

Enjoy the following benefits that make Kepler Advanced rise above the adjustable magnification loupe market:

4 magnifications in 1 loupe

The only loupe with 4 magnifications, for unrivalled versatility. Magnifications: 3.6x - 4.5x- 5.5x - 6.4x

Highest adjustable magnification on the market

Up to 6.4x magnification, for enhanced precision and ergonomics

The world’s lightest adjustable loupe

Kepler Advanced is more than 20 grams lighter than other comparable loupes, for ultimate comfort

Durable quality components

Handmade in Denmark with titanium and carbon fibre composite, and featuring worldclass cutting-edge lenses
examvision kepler advanced

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examvision kepler advanced 4 mag
symbole_length Length: 38mm
weight Weight (a): 75gm

(a): Average comparative loupe weight.


Large field of view for general dentistry, diagnostics, extractions, implants, orthodontics and more


For precision crown and bridge, composites and esthetics, periodontal surgery


Ideal for endodontics


Near microscope magnification for final margin verifications, complicated endodontics such as accessory canals, complicated diagnostics including horizontal and vertical fractures
field kepler advanced

Kepler Advanced 3.6x

field Field-of-view: 83mm
depth Depth-of-field (b): 8cm

Kepler Advanced 4.5x

field Field-of-view: 75mm
depth Depth-of-field (b): 6cm

Kepler Advanced 5.5x

field Field-of-view: 66mm
depth Depth-of-field (b): 5cm

Kepler Advanced 6.4x

field Field-of-view: 62mm
depth Depth-of-field (b): 3.5cm

(b): Depending on accommodation.

45 days trial 5 years warranty

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The world’s 1st and only lightweight high-power zoom, groundbreaking adjustable 4 in 1 magnification loupe.

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