Reviews on ExamVision loupes & lights

“After having compared the leading Kepler solutions on the market, we decided on choosing the Kepler Advanced from Exam Vision. The reason we chose the Kepler Advanced was because we were happy with the quality of the optics, frame, barrel material, and carrier lenses. Furthermore, they feel lightweight when we use them (only 67 grams)! The ability to easily switch magnifications from 3.6x to 4.5x to 5.5x and then to 6.4x also provides a loupe that is flexible and beneficial in many different circumstances (endo, prosth, restorative etc.). From our experience, what we liked about dealing with SYNCA is that they have great customer service. Their representatives are easily reachable and are able to quickly address our concerns. They were also able to set up our loupes that matched our preferred ergonomic positions without hassle. Thank you SYNCA for providing us with these loupes, we recommend that everyone try them out before making their decision!”

Dan and Jina, 2022 students, Edmonton, AB
“I bought my ExamVision loupes in 2011, during my second year of my DMD. I adore them! I wouldn’t do without them. Excellent material qualities, therefore, extremely durable! For over 10 years, I have never experienced any equipment damage on my loupes, they are like new. I simply had to change the battery and the nose pad. I still use them on a daily basis in my practice. I would not hesitate to buy a new pair integrating a higher magnification.”

Dr. Kéven Quach, Quebec, QC
“I was very surprised to find out about EXAM VISION loupes as they are less known in the US in comparison to other brands of loupes, but I’ve heard elsewhere in the world they are the leaders. To my pleasant surprise I found out that there is a company in Canada that sells into the US, and they had loupes that no other company have! After an online demonstration my colleague and I decided to buy the Kepler Advanced loupes which are 4 magnifications in one! 3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x and 6.4x. I was a bit worried about ordering them initially because I couldn’t see them or touch them as I ordered them remotely through SYNCA in Canada. I learned that SYNCA were one of the pioneers in bringing magnification to Canada back in 1996, and I spoke with Robert, the product manager who was the original person mandated to find loupes for the company to sell. After speaking with him I was very confident in my decision to move forward as he was very knowledgeable and knew every answer to every question.

This made me feel at ease in trying them out. Once I received them I couldn’t believe how lightweight they were .. only 67 grams! And the quality of the optics are amazing! Better than anything else I’ve tried to date. Rob contacted us as soon as we received them, we had a ZOOM call to do some fine fitting adjustments for comfort and fit…..and that was it…. I LOVE THESE LOUPES! The other aspect that I liked was that they are made ergonomically, SYNCA has a software they use to take measurements and my neck is nice and straight…. I recommend that you check out EXAM VISION before you invest in your next set of loupes, great product and great service so far… I already feel as if I’m providing better dentistry due to this new level of detail that I’m working with, I see things I couldn’t before! Thank you SYNCA and Robert!!”

Dr. Cristina Osorio, Coral Gables, FL, USA
“It has been two years since my first gathering of information and the purchase of my loupes… I was wondering if the investment was worth it. It certainly is! I should have bought them sooner! The loupes help me straighten my back posture in order to see correctly. No more back pain! MIRACLE! I don’t have to make a viewing effort anymore, the image is perfect and I can even see the distal of the second molars like never before! Hight quality products and courteous service from A to Z. I highly recommend them. Don’t hesitate like I did!”

Anthony Labrecque, Dental Hygienist, Québec, QC
“I absolutely love my ExamVision Keplar Advanced loupes. The quality of these loupes is the best in the business with great optics. Hapi is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to selecting the correct declination angle for proper ergonomics. She is very passionate about her work and takes any concerns seriously and helps to solve it as well in a timely manner. I have referred many of my colleagues to Hapi and everyone has had great experience with her.”

Dr. Amit G Mehta, Milton, ON
“I’m so happy with my new ExamVision loupes. The titanium frames are light and comfortable and the extra large field of view made it easy to adjust to the 3.0x magnification. As a hygienist I feel my patients are benefitting since I’m able to see so much more detail.”

Zainab Al-Rodhan RDH, Ottawa, ON
“I’ve been incredibly impressed with everything about my new loupes. I have had many inquiries from classmates, as well as some friends that are dentists. I will pass Synca's info on to them so they can reach out and talk with Synca. I appreciate Synca's help and patience and through this process. I can say without a doubt my dentistry has improved in the mere week I’ve had my new loupes.”

Ryan Koch, Peoria, Arizona, USA
“From the beginning Hapi has been extremely helpful, kind, understanding of my needs. Her service has been impeccable. I was a first time loupe owner, so I didn’t know what was what. I spoke to various reps who offered me new loupes but each one had something lacking. But when I met Hapi and I was introduced to ExamVision by Synca, I didn’t need to be convinced. Quality always speaks for itself and that was the case here too. From the first consultation appointment to when my loupes were delivered, everything was immaculate. I have Galilean loupes in 3.3x and I remember Hapi walking me through the different frames and magnifications to make sure that I only got what suited me best. And the final product nailed it, I gave my university entrances with it, the long hours of the exam coupled with stress of it all was never overshadowed with me having to worry about the loupes. They are light and so far I haven’t had a issue with them. The only concern I had once right after I got the loupes was adjusting the arms of the glasses and Hapi’s response was prompt and the issue was fixed conveniently soon. Another pro is that I don’t have to keep worrying about charging the battery either because it lasts so long. All in all, excellent customer service, providing quality products at reasonable prices. They're an asset to the medical profession and I cant wait to upgrade, not because I need new ones but simply because all their products are that amazing! I can easily visualize using them for the rest of my career!”

Sahiba Atwal Purewal BDS DDS
Western University, 2021 Graduate
“Impressive quality with the loupes and also amazing service. Required an adjustment with my loupes following an accident and my rep Trevor Meades was quick to the rescue. He even took the time to set up a Zoom call on a Saturday to guide me thru to the fix. Bravo Synca!”

Dr. Goldie Dixit, Smiths Falls, ON
“I’m a dentist in Toronto and have been working with Hapi at Synca/ExamVision for a few years now. She has been so attentive and helpful through everything from helping me find the correct loupes for my needs to picking up her phone any time I have a question. She personally drove to my house once to deliver a piece that I needed so I could go to work the next day. I don’t know anyone that would do that! She always has the most positive attitude and genuinely wants to help everyone. I have had experiences with other reps who just try to sell you their product, and this can get very frustrating. I never got this impression from Hapi. She is very honest and works with every individual to make sure you get exactly what you need. She believes in the ExamVision product and this shows. I have recommended her (and ExamVision) to so many colleagues because with the stressful job that we have, it’s crucial to have a rep you can trust and rely on. Thank you Hapi and Synca!”

Yasmin Vakilian BSc, DMD, Toronto, ON
“I started using Exam Vision loops since 2012. Started with 2.8 Magnification HD Galilean loops. I do not want to talk much about the quality of the Exam vision loops, every one can read about the build quality on the website. I always felt that the quality is much superior to any other brand out there.”

I have been practicing dentistry for over a decade now and in the last couple of years I've been experiencing low grade nagging ache below my left scapula. This made me think about increasing my magnification to see if that would help.

I was always interested in Kepler Advanced loops ever since they were first introduced into the market. The only thing I wanted to check was the weight of the loops and field of vision for each magnification. The loops felt surprisingly lighter than what I had expected, and the field of vision is superior in comparison to other brands.

Although we as dental professions all understand the importance of good posture, we are all guilty of getting in to bad working postures and correcting ourselves few times a day.I have been using the new loops for about two months now and the nagging pain below the left scapula is almost gone. The biggest advantage with the new pair of loops for me is the ability to change your working length for your comfort. The finer adjustment at the end of the barrel can increase or decrease your working length. When I ordered my loops 50cm working length was thought to be ideal for me. After using the loops for a couple of days I increased the WL to 55cm. I feel that this option would decrease the repetitive stress injuries which we are very prone to when using the fixed WL loops.

Dr. Rajeev Beeram, Delta, BC
“I love my new loupes. I was a long time DFV customer and the prescription in my loupes was not optimal. Hapi understands eye prescriptions, bring an optometrist, and she was able to advise me on what would be best. The loupes are very comfortable too and even though I have had them for almost two months now, I am still so grateful for how well I can see and how bright the lighting is. I also love the fact that ExamVision is Canadian and my rep is easily accessible if I need her. She came in and put my side shields on my glasses for me once they were delivered. Hapi is a knowledgeable and patient person who is passionate about her job, ensuring that her customers are happy.”

Dr. Robyn Blatt, Toronto, ON
“Synca is an amazing company from the product all the way to the people. They helped me find my perfect loupes as a dental student who didn’t know anything about loupes and they were perfect, so I even bought a second pair before I graduated. Trevor and Hapi (Toronto) were a pleasure to deal with and always very helpful when I needed anything. Highly recommend!”

Nick Moen, Toronto, ON
“I can't thank Mr. Trevor Meades enough, who is the sales representative for Toronto, for making my life easier. He is the most professional and the most helpful person I have dealt with. Absolutely fabulous and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Not only he helped me to chose what is best for me, but he came to my office multiple times afterwards to make a few adjustments as per my request. THANK YOU, Trevor.”

Nina Bisol, Toronto, ON
“This is a great company. I had my loupes for over a year now. They are quick to respond, provide service and get your product to you. Initially when I received my loupes I did not wear them because they were not aligned correctly. I let Hugo know and he came the next day to help me and once we determined it would be best to send them back to get realigned and possible re made, he tried everything to ensure the least cost to me since I had waited a while to let him know of the problem. I received them and they are perfect now! I can't live a day without them. Then my light stopped working and Hugo again to the rescue was able to get me a light at my office by the next day. He is quick to respond and provide options. This is great service, pleasure to deal with.”

Dr. Jonelle Crichton, Edmonton, AB
“I recently received my Kepler Advanced loupes and they have changed my clinical experience, forever. The experience began when I met a rep from Synca at a trade show. She is the quintessential representative for these exquisitely crafted, cutting edge loupes. She was meticulous with her measurements and recommendations for accessories. She was responsive and accurate with answers to all questions and concerns raised at the fitting and subsequent fine tuning of the order. When they arrived, I was able to fit them myself and start using them immediately. All follow up with Synca's rep was prompt, professional and caring. Thank you Synca, your commitment to excellence is truly appreciated.”

Troy Martin D.M.D., Vancouver, BC
“Hugo from Calgary was awesome! My loupes broke at one of the hinges, and he came to my office and fixed them right up, next day. I love how these loupes are engineered so that many parts are quickly switched out if they break. Very happy with my purchase.”

Dr. Andres Marquez-Guzman, Calgary, AB
“Bought a pair of loupes from Hugo Matasol in Calgary. Wow. I must say the service is top notch. Having Hugo in Calgary is a huge bonus because I've called him once or twice and within the day he's been able to address my concerns. After sales service is very important to me, especially having made the investment in purchasing these loupes. I trust he will continue his great service with me and his other clients in the future.

At first, I was a little apprehensive to purchase another set of loupes because my current loupes were still quite functional. Also, the Keplers themselves took a little bit to get used to. But now, I use them almost exclusively. I have a mild prescription that the loupes are able to adjust to with the individually adjustable fine focus. They are light, clear, and comfortable. I bought the light a few months afterwards and they made a world of difference.

Thanks Hugo. A real top notch guy for a top notch company!”

Dr. Gilbert Ng, Calgary, AB
“Been using their loupes since I was a student and now as a dentist I'm still using there products, very good quality. Their agent in Calgary, Hugo Matasol, is also very helpful and knowledgeable. Strongly recommended.”

Dr. Omar Abdrabou, Calgary, AB
“I would like to express thanks to Hugo who helped me find my perfect pair of loupes. He is very knowledgeable and informative regarding options and what is best, especially for first year dental students. He always responds right away, which is crucial in my opinion and reflective of excellent customer service. He was never pushy regarding which products to purchase and always recommended the best based on my individual needs. The product itself is very easy to work with since it’s a titanium frame so adjustments are very doable (which we did over the phone). Overall, very happy with Hugo’s service! I would highly recommend exam vision and Hugo specifically because of his outstanding customer service. Thanks Hugo for your help and professionalism! I really value it!”

Natalya Boiko, Edmonton, AB, University of Alberta
“If you are looking for a quality pair of loupes, then ExamVision is the way to go. I bought the Kepler Advanced several months ago and I love its functionality and quality. From the well-fitting frame (even despite my lack of nose bridge) to the satisfying click when switching magnifications, they are well-designed and easy to use. In practical use, the image is sharp and with its large FOV, tunnel vision was not a problem. And did I mention how insanely light they are? All these features come together to give a quality product which in my opinion, was totally worth the investment.”

As for the service, I am proud to say Hugo is phenomenal at what he does. He is always quick to respond and is available when you need him. Most importantly, he knows his stuff, since I received a great pair of loupes that worked and fit me comfortably.”

Dr. Christopher Chiu, DDS, Calgary, AB
“I have been extremely pleased with my loupes purchase from ExamVision (Synca) this past year. I received Hugo's name from a colleague and from the very beginning, I mentioned to him that I have had difficulty with loupes in the past (have gone through 2 pairs and given up on them both times) and experienced poor service from both previous companies I had dealt with. Hugo met me in my office with a wide variety of loupes and a wealth of information so I could best make my decision. After receiving my loupes, I was taking longer to adjust as I was away from the office for vacation and I do not work full-time. Hugo extended the 45-day trial period to remove that pressure of "accepting the sale". He was confident (even though I wasn't!) that I would eventually adjust and learn to love the loupes. He was right. I have been practicing dentistry for over 10 years without loupes and now can't imagine a day without them. A couple weeks ago, my loupes fell off my desk and got stepped on. Hugo was able to squeeze in an office visit last minute in the middle of his busy day to help adjust them. If the loupes were not of this exceptional quality, there is a very low chance they could have been saved so I am very thankful for this. I cringed a little when I saw the final cost months ago when purchasing these loupes but now I truly understand the value of the quality and service you receive with this company. Highly recommended!!!!”

Dr. Michelle Chong-Gragasin, Edmonton, AB
“I have been using ExamVision 3.8x with the focus light 5000 for 5-6 years now and to be honest; this loupe is amazing. The titanium frame is still intact, very good quality build. Not only the loupe is amazing, the 2 experience I've had with my representative are simply magnificent. Thanks to Sylvie Chabot my experience with ExamVision is beyond excellent. Once when i was a student, my light stopped working because of the cable; I reached out for Sylvie, and it took her not even 2 days to come meet me at school, take my light to bring it to service; and less than 1 week after, I received my light back all functional without any fees; thanks to the 5 years warranty. Second experience was yesterday. A piece of my light handle was missing so my light couldn't stand on my frame anymore. I reached out for Sylvie at 9pm about the issue. She responded me at 8am the next morning, set me a meeting with the service at noon, and by 1pm everything was settle. The team even replaced my cord and replaced my 2 used accessories (case and wipe) free of charge! thank you Synca, and Sylvie for your wonderful service. i always recommend ExamVision, had a couple friends get them for their dental practice and they love them. I will also buy a 2nd pair as soon as possible; worth every penny.”

Dr. Abed Al-Ahmad, Montreal, QC
“I’m loving these ExamVision loupes you sold me! As a prosthodontist these are a real game changer for me. They are so lightweight and small compared to similar magnifications from other companies and the field of vision is so large it’s great. The German optics provide a really clear and sharp image. The frame design is very comfortable, I love the soft arms behind my ears that you can contour for comfort, and I don’t need to cinch up the head strap for them to stay on my head like my old loupes, which caused pain behind my ears and I would get headaches. I think they are super stylish too! As for dealing with you, well you’ve been very accessible, your experience with magnification and ergonomics put me at ease as there is so much confusing information out there. It’s great to meet someone you can trust, and you can feel knows what they are talking about. You patiently guided me through the whole process of taking the photographs and measurements necessary to make them for me. Thanks so much again. I highly recommend ExamVision and Synca for anyone looking at getting a properly made quality loupe! Trust me when you’ve had a couple of pairs of loupes… you learn to invest in quality…they are worth every penny!”

Cristina Osorio DDS, Prosthodontist, West Palm Beach, FL
“Dear Mr. Hugo Matasol, thank you ever so much for your help, actually rescuing me! I appreciate beyond words the fact that you could help repair the frame of my loupes on the spot. My loupes are my livelihood, I do not want to imagine how hard it would be without them for several weeks. They are also the best loupes I ever had and Synca is the only company where I did not have to return them for adjustments after you took my measurements. I am very happy and plan to acquire a second pair in the very near future.”

Dr. Monica Monty, Hope, BC
“I adjusted very quickly (within days, with my myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism). My rep, Sylvie, was there for me during the sale as well as for after-sales service. Service is impeccable: efficient and fast, with simple and precise explanations. It’s cliché, but I don’t know how I managed with these loupes and light. Incredible. I’m completely satisfied. Thanks again.”

Dre Isabelle Fortin, St-Sauveur, QC
“I'm so happy!!! After one week of using these loupes, I sometimes bend my neck to see – an old habit. But, I have no choice to return to an upright position so I can see well. I’m still really surprised that when my head is upright – this is when I see best. This is marvelous – already I can’t live without them. In addition, the service is excellent. Delivery is quick. My rep is available for me and communication with her is efficient. Thanks, Synca.”

Alexandre Briand, RDH, Quebec, QC
“I ordered a pair of HD 2.8X loupes and a Light (XTEND Control Unit) from SYNCA during my visit to Toronto for a family gathering. I am very pleased with the excellent service from Hapi Randhawa of SYNCA for selecting my loups and light. She has visited me at home, explained in details and I was happy with the demo loups and the light control unit - prior to ordering. The light control unit is great and very comfortable to wear. Certainly would recommend the products and the quality of service provided.”

Biswajit Ray, Leeds, UK
“I am currently an ophthalmology resident and I was eager to get a great set of loupes that would last during my residency and beyond. After meeting with many different companies including Orascoptic, DFV and Surgitel, I definitely found ExamVision's loupe frame and lenses to be of a higher quality compared with the competition. The titanium frames are sleek and light on my face, and the Leica-supplier lens I definitely noticed let in more light and was sharper compared with its competitors. In terms of support, Hugo Matasol was great to work with and met with me multiple times to make sure that my loupes were to my liking and custom measurements. He did not stop until the loupes were to my liking. I've gotten many compliments and questions from colleagues about where my loupes were from, and I'm very happy with my purchase thus far.”

Michael Ying Kit Mak, BHSc (Hon), MD
PGY-1 Ophthalmology, University of Calgary
“I recently purchased loupes from your sales Rep Ann Tran. I have to say she was amazing throughout the entire process. I kept changing my mind and had a million questions. Ann always got back to me promptly and was always so pleasant. I am so happy with my loupes. I can't believe I waited this long!! I will definitely recommend Ann and your product to all my colleagues. Thank you!”

Lauren Charles, Niagara Falls, ON
“I simply adore these loupes! My shoulder pain is gone and I just can’t work without them. THANK YOU! In addition, your service is simply excellent.”

Catherine Provost, RDH, Boucherville, QC
“I worked with Hapi to get my first pair of ExamVision loupes and I couldn't be more satisfied, she is very knowledgeable, friendly and always available. I've been using these loupes for about a year and I love them. It's a great product that is well made and reliable. It fits me like a glove and I never get tired using it.”

Emin Sheykhislyamov DDS, Toronto, ON
“Recently ordered my Exam vision 3.5x kepler from Synca. The customer service was really very good. Hapi was very professional. Despite being from Fiji islands, she dealt and communicated with me with punctuality and total professionalism.All my doubts were addressed in a calm, systematic and thorough manner. I was also helped and adviced on Ergonomics , by being taken to a clinic in Canada and showing me different aspects of ergonomics. the customer service is the best , way better than my previous loupe company, where dealing with them had become a nightmare. I highly appreciate their customer service and looking forward to using my newly ordered pair of loupes.”

Dr. Karan Dubey, Suva, Fiji
“I got my first pair of Synca ExamVision loupe 6 years ago. As a general dentist doing all aspects of dentistry, I had nothing but good things to say about this company's product. I have recommended few of my colleagues, as I believe it is the best in the market. Recently I was looking for another pair with higher magnification and without any hesitation, I contacted Synca. I must say their product is still great but what is better than their loupes is their customer service.”

Dr. Jay Choi, Airdrie, AB
“Incredible glasses amazing service. I had a mishap and my loup fell off of the lens. Friday, one day before Thanksgiving weekend. Contacted Ann Tran ( the sales rep ) and she went above and beyond to make sure that I have a loan the day after thanksgiving, and she drove all the way from Richmond Hill to fit the loaners properly. Ann Tran is a wonderful ,dependable sales rep. It is invaluable to know that when accidents happen ( and they will ,regardless of the product you wear ) that a dependable knowledgeable person will come to your rescue. Thank you Ann for everything you’ve done to help me.”

Dr. Aurora Moldovan, Vineland, ON
“I am a recently graduated neurosurgeon practicing in Canada. I used DFV 2.5x Loupes with a microLED Headlight for 6 years in residency. I was satisfied with the loupes overall. Having 2.5 x Loupes gives you a wider range of working distance which is valuable when you are often the assistant rather than the primary surgeon. But the headlight ate through batteries, the light became dim after a few years, and the replacement costs were very high.

I decided to look for a new pair of loupes when I started working independently. I needed 3.5x magnification for brain tumors and simple spinal decompressions. The ideal working distance for brain vs spine operations is significantly different. I looked into most loupe manufacturers available in North America before selecting Synca. I am blown away by the quality of my 3.5x Kepler Synca Loupes and Headlight. The loupes are very comfortable and lightweight. The quality of the Leica lenses is exceptional. These loupes are the only ones where you can make adjustments to the working distance after they are manufactured, meaning if the working distance is off a bit, you can change it yourself without having to send the loupes back to the manufacturer. The headlight covers the largest field of view I have seen in a loupe mounted headlight and the light quality is excellent. The rep was very knowledgeable about loupes and lenses. The measurements taken before custom making my loupes were the most comprehensive I have ever seen. We were even able to make fine adjustments over the phone once I received them to ensure they functioned perfectly. The loupes are considerably more expensive than other brands but the price point definitely reflects the quality. I would not hesitate to recommend these loupes to anyone who wants the highest quality surgical magnification available.”

Dr. Daniel Mendelsohn, Vancouver, BC

Cheryl Adkin, RDH, Toronto, ON
“I was recently fortunate enough to benefit from Synca’s professional after-sales service. As a result of my clumsiness, I bent my loupe frame during an evening’s work at the clinic. I was able to reach my Synca rep, Sylvie Chabot, the next morning. She was at in office, in person, with a demo pair of loupes, (adjusted to my working distance), that I could use while the repair was promptly executed. I really appreciate this efficient service.”

Dr. Simon-Olivier Brault, Boucherville, QC
“I recently acquired new Exam Vision loupes and I am very satisfied. The comfort and image clarity is superior to what I had before. I can assure you that you will also get unparalleled service and follow up from the Synca people, that I did not get from my previous loupe distributor. After sales service is very important to me.”

Dr. Martin Leblond, Terrebonne, QC
“Hapi is my rep and she did a fabulous job of fitting me with my new loupes. She also combined my close up and mid distance vision in the lenses perfectly. She is professional and very knowledgeable. I am pleased to recommend ExamVision and Hapi.”

Leslie Blumas, RDh, London, ON
“When I bought my pair of Exam Vision/Synca loupes I was reluctant at first due to my past experience with loupes. I owned a pair of Orascoptic loupes for over 10 years and I rarely wore them. They made me dizzy and were heavy and uncomfortable. For 10 years I was convinced that I was just not a good candidate for loupes and that I would never get used to them. I compromised the quality of the dentistry I was providing due to the fact that I was seeing everything with the naked eye.

When I received my pair of ExamVison/Synca loupes, I couldn't believe the difference. It literally took me five minutes to get 'used' to them. The range of view is quite long and I no longer felt dizzy while wearing my loupes. They were lightweight and I was able to secure them over my ears by bending the frames. No more need to tighten the strap behind your head! The quality of the frames and optics surpassed my expectations.

Now that I am wearing my loupes consistently, I have noticed a difference in my posture. There is much less strain on my back now that I am working in an upright position. I no longer have to get up close to see what I need to see.

Hugo Matasol, my Synca sales representative, did an excellent job in recommending the right size frame and magnification to fit my needs. The appointment was quick, yet informative, and all of my questions and concerns were addressed.

I only have one regret, and that is waiting so long to have found this company!!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone! If you are looking for a new pair of loupes, you should definitely give Synca a call.

I feel good that I am providing my patients with better quality of care. These loupes were worth every penny! The quality is excellent and they will last me many years to come!”

Maria Astrid Urrutia DDS, Calgary, AB
“The other day, I was extracting an upper left 2nd molar. The Mesial Root was fractured and I had to find and remove the small apical root fragment. With my normal vision and my prescription glasses, I could not see the root fragment. With the beautiful loops from SYNCA, I could see the small piece with room to spare. The root was removed thanks in large part to the loops.

I honestly don't believe that I could have finished the procedure without the SYNCA Loops. Many dentists who are of my vintage will not admit that their eyesight is not as good as it once was, when they were much younger. They tend to fool themselves and continue to practice with poor eyesight instead of facing the facts and true picture that, as we get older our eyesight diminishes and fails. Instead of ignoring this physiological fact, they should seek professional advice such as SYNCA representatives, and solve this age-old problem.

Dentistry is a demanding profession, and dentists in good health are practicing much longer today than ever before. However, when eyesight comes into the picture, we need special care and advice. That's where SYNCA comes into view. I have also examined other Loops and glasses. I'm not impressed. You get what you pay for. SYNCA products are ʹOn the top of the classʹ.

Thanks for changing my life and practice.”

Dr. Larry Gaum, DDS, FADSA, FICD, FADI, Cert. Anesthesia, Mississauga, ON
“I’ve used your loupes for the past 4 years and what I really like about them is how solid they feel on my face as a result of the titanium frame, which is very easy to wipe down. It is nice to be dealing with a Canadian company. On top of that, I just like how they look. Thank you.”

Dr. Sean Davidson, Halifax, NS
“Thanks for the timely delivery! The loupes turned out better than expected! The quality of these loupes is far better than any of the leading companies that I've seen here in the US. I have nothing but good things to say about the quality, craftsmanship, as well as ease of dealing with Synca and ExamVision. After comparing multiple loupe brands, I am convinced that Exam Vision is the best pair on the market. I was a little worried about not seeing them before buying them…… but your 45 day risk free trial put my mind at ease and your experience and dental ergonomic knowledge gave me confidence to try them out! Thank you very much Robert for your service, support, and answering all my questions. I'll spread the word!!”

James, Plastic Surgery Resident, USA
“I always believed that dentists were wearing loupes to express a certain sense of superiority. However, within 30 minutes of wearing my new Exam Vision loupes from Synca, I had immediately adjusted to my new vision. My Synca rep explained that this is due to the superior fields and image clarity. I even ordered loupes and a light for my hygienist. Sylvie (our Synca rep) helped with ergonomic positioning. I have been practicing dentistry for 46 years and I now feel liking working for another 46 years, as I'm having so much pleasure from finally SEEING my work. Theses loupes and light are fantastic. Happy will be the dentist that gets these products.”

Jean-Luc Rivest D.D.S., Quebec, QC
“First, I would certainly recommend Exam Vision loupes and Synca to anyone looking at investing in loupes. You were easy to get up with and have been very prompt getting back with me. I was somewhat nervous ordering loupes without the opportunity to try them on myself or even see them in person, but most of that was alleviated because of your experience, ergonomic certification, knowledge level, and willingness to answer the hundred questions I asked you. The loupes are phenomenal!!! I can see just as much area, if not more, with my new exam vision 4.6x keplers as I could with my old 3.5x Expanded Field Designs for Vision loupes. The edge to edge clarity is wonderful and the build is just another level of quality. Lastly, the lighter weight of these loupes compared to comparable loupes available here in the united states has really made a huge difference. Overall, there is no way I could go back to what I was using before!! Thank you very much Robert!”

Jerry Allen, 2016 DDS student, New Jersey, NY
“I wanted to thank Synca for selling me such a quality product! I'm very pleased with how clear things look through my new Loupes with the prescription. I had been hesitant as the clarity of the demo loupes was not what I had expected, however, with the satisfaction guarantee, I went ahead with the order. Very pleased that I did.

My welding has improved. I did some test welds tonight and noticed right away that I could see more definition in the molten puddle in the TIG welding process. I also was aware of my improved posture, my head is further back and I find I was instinctively straightening my spine to accommodate my head position. As well, I have attached the light to the exterior of my welding helmet, a noticeable difference with the light on.

In anticipation of my new Loupes I had purchased a new welding helmet, the 3M Speedglas, which has one of the largest viewing shields available, in hopes that I wouldn't have problems viewing my work while wearing the Loupes as I had when we were fitting the Loupes during the demo. Happy to say, no problems viewing my welding. Your recommendation to change the position and angle of the Loupes based on your ergonomic knowledge worked out well. I feel physically better and I can see how this makes the quality of my work that much better as well!”

Alan Gilbertson, Welder, Vancouver, BC
“My husband and I have been using ExamVison Loupes since 2012. As Ophthalmologists we can say that these loupes are excellent. The sharpness and brightness of the images are spectacular. They are very light weight and the lenses are manufactured using high quality optics from Europe.

SYNCA customers service is excellent, we were dealing with Hugo Matasol, the Western Canada Rep. and he was super helpful and very fast with our demands. Now in 2015 we ordered several new pairs so my husband can have one in each hospital. We have recommended ExamVison loupes to our team of Residents in Ophthalmology here in Calgary because we are very happy with the products and service. We strongly recommend ExamVison Loupes from SYNCA.”

Dr. Vivian Hill and Dr. Michael Ashenhurst, Calgary, AB
“The quality and clarity of the German optics compared to my old pair of loupes have made a big improvement in the detailed work that I'm able to provide. The light weight well-built titanium frames are very comfortable. My experience with Synca has been very positive, in particular, the care taken to measure the ideal declination angle and working distance that has helped reduce tension in my neck. Great product and great service. Thank you ExamVision/Synca!!”

Dr. Daniel Zigler, Kitchener, ON “This light and magnifier combination is strong, comfortable and provides the best vision I've had so far. Even my eyes, which required the scopes to have a built-in corrective prism after surgery, were perfectly accommodated. The light can run up to 2 days without charging. Excellent product, highly recommended.”

Roel J. Wyman, DDS, North York, ON
Smileport Inc. - Wyman Seminars
“The 3.5x is a very good choice for direct restorations. The best telescopes that I've used to date.”

Denis Robert, DMD, MScD, Quebec, QC
Laval University
“Good design, light and comfortable, battery is less cumbersome and lighter that my previous brand (screw that holds the clip comes loose with use), light cable system eliminated risk of cable breakage and the junction, different light intensities is very practical.”

Pierre Boudrias, Prosthodontist, Montreal, QC
Montreal University
“The comfort and clarity are excellent. I've been using Designs for Vision for over 15 years and Exam Vision loupes are superior.”

Dr. Yvan Tesolin, Montreal, QC
“I strongly recommend ExamVision products. Adaptation to these loupes was easier than anticipated for a 4.2 magnification.”

Dr. Michel Gauthier, St-Hyacinthe, QC
“I love the frame and the lighting. It is become a pleasure to work since I have these loupes and especially the lighting system. I can`t work without them.”

Dr. Marie-Josée Yergeau, Longueuil, QC
“I appreciate that the depth of field is not excessively reduced, as well as the light weight of the loupes. In my opinion, theses loupes are by far the best that I`ve had a chance to work with. I now use loupes more than ever. The LED lighting unit construction is solid, and the battery is efficient and compact.”

Dr. Claude Martel, St-Lambert, QC
Certified CEREC instructor, basic and advanced course
“Now that I'm used to my new loupes, I have reduced my back problems by 75%. I am very satisfied. If I would have realized this, I would have started using loupes much earlier. I've been torturing myself for 22 years. Now my boss and I are equally well equipped, whereas when he had loupes and I didn't, he was seeing things that I wasn't able to see. Now it's different. We see the same thing.”

Carolyne Tremblay
Dental hygienist
“My ExamVision loupes are one of my most pleasant discoveries (both for my posture correction as well as the improvement in visual acuity). For the type of work that I do, the 3.5x magnification is very well adapted. The lightweight of the loupes is impressive. I like the simple ear loops without anything dangling; very light weight, less pressure on the nose. Very wide field and clear.”

Alain Bernier, DMD, CEGEP St-Hyacinthe
Dentist responsible for clinical apprenticeship in dental hygiene
“Amazing! I can see preps and margins like never before. I really like my loupes and this model is way better and more comfortable compared to my old loupes. I just had some issues with the light connection to my loupes (was not attaching properly before), but the problem has been solved.”

Roberto Renato, DDS, MSc, PhD
University of Manitoba, Assistant professor
“Same magnification with my ExamVision loupes as I had with Zeiss, just more comfortable. Very pleased of the price.”

Steven Hill, DMD, AACD (accredited member), Vancouver, BC
Visiting lecturer to prosthodontics graduate program at UBC
“I like the simple ear loops without anything dangling; very light weight, less pressure on the nose. Very wide field and clear.”

Allan Woo, DMD, Richmond, BC
UBC ICC instructor
“Very comfortable, excellent lighting (very bright even on medium setting); comfortable field size. Overall a great improvement form earlier models & lighting systems. Thank you for an excellent product.”

Carol Oakley, DDS, Dip Perio, Dip OM, MRCD(C), Vancouver, BC
UBC p.t. Grad Perio.
“Very good, excellent setup & construction!”

Dr. Greg Nelson, Richmond, BC
“Fantastic magnification considering the size and weight of the telescopes. My ExamVision 5.0 telescopes are my favorite loupes for preparing crowns and checking the fit of restorations.”

Chris Wyatt, DMD, MSc, Dip Pros, FRCD(C), Vancouver, BC
Head of division of prosthodontics, UBC
“I’m truly impressed by the light weight of these loupes – very effective! I must admit, that from the 3 loupes that I own, these ones are by far my first choice whenever I need to concentrate on detail on a technique sensitive procedure. Both the loupes and the light are obviously the results of exceptional craftsmanship & design.”

Tassos Irinakis, DDS, MSc, Dip. Perio, FRCD(C), Vancouver, BC
Director of graduate periodontics and implant surgery, UBC
“I'm starting my 44th year in practice. These loupes (and lighting system) are by far the best product I've introduced into my practice.....EVER!!!! What have I been missing all these years!!!!”

Dr. Saul E. Levine, Pointe-Claire, QC
“Very light weight… for an Asian nose like mine, the weight is very important. Also, the nose pad is rubber for greater comfort.”

Dr. Phun Huynh, Longueuil, QC
“In regards to the ExamVision loupes that I'm now using, I find them to be very light, comfortable and well balanced on my head. The optics are very sharp with excellent resolution and depth of focus. You can see the quality of the product in the build of the frame and the metal oculars. The light is also very light weight and an incredible benefit with everything lit up everywhere I look "especially in the back of the mouth!". I' ve gotten a lot of compliments on the look as well. Thank you Synca for such a great product and service.”

Monica Delgado, Montreal, QC
Dental hygienist
“Thanks for the professional service. They are now adjusted correctly and I will keep this like this. I’m very happy with my purchase. I really don’t know how I worked without them and can no longer work without this product... It’s incredible! They are well worth the price.”

Dr. Christof Kuberek, Jonquiere, QC
“I've been using surgical loupes for 17 years. Whether for dental or surgical procedures, I find that wearing loupes improves the quality of my interventions and increases my comfort. This is the type of equipment that, once used to it, there`s no going back. It`s often the last piece of equipment that we think about acquiring, but goes 1st on the list if ever it requires replacement. I now wear ExamVision loupes. They are 2.8 magnification, are light weight, easy to wear and offer a wide field of view.”

Yvan Dumais, DMV, Montreal, QC
Dipl. American Veterinary Dental College
“The best thing about ExamVision from SYNCA is the excellent customer service of the representative – great detailed presentation – patience in answering all questions + great follow up – great service period. Head and shoulders above others.”

Anthony Shih, DDS, Toronto, ON
“Synca has been absolutely fantastic to work with during the purchase of my ExamVision loupes. The rep was able to stay in contact with me during my busy school schedule, setting up a “lunch and learn” type lecture at my request so that my class would be able to learn more about the importance of loupes design considerations, lighting and posture. My first impression of the Exam Vision loupes, after having tried a couple different brands and styles, was the far superior quality of the materials used in their construction; you can tell they were built to last. They were very comfortable and light weight providing good adaptation to my nose and ears. The image quality was bright and clear with no perceivable aberrations. I couldn’t have had a better experience all the way through learning about the product, fitting, ordering and using them daily.”

Chris Godbout, M.Sc., Montreal, QC
DMD Candidate 2015, McGill University
“I have been extremely satisfied with the quality and reliability of my Exam Vision loupes. After purchasing loupes from two other companies (Orascoptic and Heine) and not being fully satisfied with either, I decided to spend a little bit extra and purchase Exam Vision 3.5x loupes, which was an excellent decision. It is no secret that Exam Vision loupes are slightly more expensive than most other companies, but you certainly get what you pay for, which in this case is a premium product. As with buying a vehicle, computer, or piece of clothing, you typically get a higher quality product when you spend a little bit more, and when it comes to something I wear for a large percentage of my day, every day, I prefer the best. The loupes are comfortable, durable, look good, and most importantly, the quality of the lens/magnification is top notch. I am able to get the same field of view out of my 3.5x Galilean loupe as most other 2.8x loupes provide. Overall I can say that I have been fully satisfied with my Exam Vision loupes and would recommend them to any of my colleagues.

I've been very pleased with the service provided for the Exam Vision loupes from Synca. Before I purchased the loupes, Hapi came to the school lab with all of the various frame and magnification options to try and did not rush this selection process. All measurements were taken accurately and were relative to actual clinical procedures. I was able to get a pair of loaner loupes to use until I received the ones I ordered, and although this came with a slight cost, it is a very convenient service for Synca to offer. Two characteristics that stood out to me in terms of the service I received were 1) honesty and 2) communication. Thanks!”

Nicolas Irwin, Toronto, ON
University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, DDS candidate 2015
“WOW! Amazing quality optically and build quality. Feels and looks very solid. Images are crystal clear without aberrations or blurriness . Only thing I had to adjust was the nose pads to fit my Asian facial features. I love the adjustable working distance capability for standing and sitting procedures that Kepler system provides, but depth of field of the 3.5x is long enough that I don't have to adjust it for every procedures. Compared to other brands that I have looked at (Design for Vision, Orascoptic, Surgitel, and Univet), ExamVision is definitely at the top in my opinion. I was a little apprehensive buying a set of loupes without trying them on first, but I think I made the right choice. I think the extra cost of the loupes is well justified. I just want to thank Synca for being patient and answering all my questions in a timely manner (over 40 emails! total!). I will definitely recommend ExamVision to my colleagues looking for loupes and if I am in a market for another set, I won't hesitate to order from Synca again. Thank you.”

Dong H Lee, New York, NY
DDS Candidate 2015
“Loupes are great. Better than others in the market in many aspects (appearance, lightness). I enjoy using them for every single procedure I do. Besides, very professional and outstanding customer service and support.”

Dr. Jaime S. Guerrero, Toronto, ON
“I own two pairs of loupes from ExamVision; the first pair is a Galilean 2.8x (with Prisma Lens System), and the second pair is a Kepler Kompakt 4.6x. I also have the Focus 4500 light, which in my opinion, is a hidden gem amongst ExamVisions LED lineup. The Keplers are on their way yet, but I have much to say both about the products I currently own as well as the customer service experience I have had. First of all, the Galilean 2.8 with Prisma Lens System (PLS) are by far the best loupes I've ever tried or owned. They make every procedure more comfortable, and my head tilt is beyond optimized because of the combination of PLS and the steep declination angle. The field of view and depth of field are so large that I see the entire oral cavity in focus, plus the surrounding peri-oral tissues. I use them for everything, including surgery and exams. The clarity is impeccable, and the frames are great, too (large sport frame).

The focus 4500 light is an absolute delight to work with as well, as it has a very natural colour of light while maintaining a reasonable level of brightness for most procedures. The only thing that may require a brighter light source would be socket inspection or endodontics, in my opinion. And it's true what they say - this light does NOT cure composites! (I work with Filtek Supreme Ultra). I've never had any issue with accidental curing, and I spend a LOT of time shaping my composites. I'm looking forward to the arrival of my Kepler Kompakt loupes for more demanding restorative procedures and endodontics.

I also would like to commend the incredible customer service that was demonstrated to me both by Hugo Matasol and Robert Beauchamp. While I was at Pacific Dental Conference, both spent an incredible amount of time, despite how crazy busy they were, helping me choose what loupe was best for me (I am picky and indecisive, so kudos to their patience). Hugo was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Robert spent a lot of time with me, even after I had paid, explaining many useful tidbits about ergonomics and magnification philosophy in general. This, in spite of a line-up of customers waiting to speak to him, was impressive. Clearly, both these gentleman are passionate about what they do, and value each and every customer. Deal with these two, and you will be treated like gold. Thank you ExamVision and Synca!”

Dr. Michael Wenzel, Medicine Hat, AB
“I have been using magnification in my practice for years and I have used several different loupe manufacturers. My Examvision Kepler 3.5x loupes with light are far superior to anything I have used before. Our Synca rep, Hapi, was meticulous about measuring and fitting my eyewear. She took her time and really helped choose what is right for me. The results are fantastic and I am experiencing clear, precise, comfortable vision which benefits me and my patients. Dentists experience a tremendous amount of ergonomic stress and eye strain on a daily basis and my new loupes have helped to minimize this. Thanks!”

Dr. Gordon Davidson, Burlington, ON
“I had a bad experience on wearing loupes with competitive company, and I did'nt think I would wear loupes again until I met Hapi Randhawa, she change my mind with Synca loupes.She was so advisable and knowledgeable and help me to choose the best for me, even after i got my loupes she adjusted two time to give the correct and and real working distance and correct and real angulation, now I am working without back-pain, neck pain and with a good magnification and clear field of work.”

Ahmed Sabri, London, ON
2015 Student
“I really love my loupe from ExamVision. It is light, comfortable and provides a great clear vision. The light is great too. Long battery life. Excellent service, the sale representative is nice, friendly and always responses to my request quickly. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Wei Tang, Ottawa, ON
“I finally got to see the ExamVision loupes, I am looking at them right now. I don't think I need any adjustments, they look and feel great, I already used them to check some of my previous work and I can see the difference, the quality is remarkable. I am very pleased with the loupes and the light is a high quality solid light, I am very happy with it. The quality of the optics is very clear and the frame feels solid and durable, I'm very excited to start working with them.”

Dr. Lisandra Amador, Hialeah, FL
In May 2022, I received my new loupes, a pair of the 4 in 1 Kepler Advanced loupes from ExamVision.

The first thing that surprised me was the weight, I was honestly expecting something much heavier. The use of titanium and carbon fibre in the construction really makes the loupes comfortable and not heavy on the nose. They feel very balanced on the face and not like they are going to constantly slip forward, it’s really impressive how such high magnification loupes could be this lightweight.

The clarity of the optics is impressively clear, which allows me to see the fine details needed as an endodontist performing surgery when I want the versatility of loupes without the constraints of a microscope. A second feature I really appreciate is the fine focus ability of the loupes. I prefer to work at higher magnifications, and being able to fine focus at the 5.5x and 6.4x really provided enhanced visualization which aids in detecting secondary canals and isthmus, identifying possible cracks, fractures, and perforations which all helped minimize trauma. It’s almost like wearing a small microscope!

I paired my loupes with the Focus Bright Xtend light system. It has a nice even spotlight that allows me to see all the way down the canals. I really like the design of the battery pack as I can adjust the intensity or turn it on and off with my forearm meaning there is no risk of cross contamination.

Finally, I also really appreciated the time the rep took to ensure the custom fit would be ergonomically correct. Angle of declination degree and working distance were set to my personal needs based on ergonomic measurements that were never taken on me before. I find I can use the loupes all day without ever overextending my neck causing pain.

I whole heartedly recommend the EXAM VISION Kepler Advanced 4 in 1 loupes! I love them, and the service and support from SYNCA, a Canadian company, has so far been refreshingly great.

Thank you SYNCA for these great loupes and light!

Dr. Gary Glassman, Endodontist, Toronto, ON
“I can’t believe I waited so long to get loupes from SYNCA! I wish I would have done it sooner. I love them! They came quicker than I expected for a custom pair, and they are so lightweight and comfortable. I really like the frames that adjust to each individual it really feels snug. The improvement of the visual field is amazing, in can see so much more detail with the superior quality optics, and the light in line with my eyes is great.. I can see every surface fully lit up! SYNCA's knowledge in ergonomics and the special measurements took really make me sit straighter and hold my head in a almost straight position. I thank SYNCA for the great service so far and follow up. I’m going to let all my colleagues know about these loupes… really impressed with the product and the company thus far… Thank you again!”

Eris Tonin, Dental Hygienist, St-Lazare, QC
“I am very satisfied with my loupes, they are very comfortable and easy to use. Nice experience, very good and fast service. Sylvie listens to her clients and meets their needs, she offers a good service. I recommend ExamVision’s loupes.”

Justine Bujeault, Dental Hygienist, Montreal, QC
“Excellent service provided by Hapi Randhawa. Thank you for fixing my loupes.”

Dr. Monil Patel, Niagara Falls, ON

“I can’t thank Hapi enough, the sake representative for Synca in Ontario, she is fabulous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful Thank you so much Hapi.”

Dr. Nazek Mohammed DDS, Hamilton, ON
“Dear Synca & Hapi, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent service I have received from you in the process of buying my loupes. I was particularly impressed with your attention to detail and your knowledge about adjusting the loupes to create best ergonomics and maintain a healthy back. On another note, I wanted to let you know that the Kepler Advanced loupes I purchased are absolutely amazing. I have been wearing loupes for a long time and finally realized what I have been missing in terms of clarity of the image. The Kepler Advanced loupes provide a much sharper image with great clarity. Furthermore, I am loving the fact that I can switch to higher magnification on the fly as needed for certain procedures. This is a pair of loupes that I would highly recommend for anyone to purchase if they want to experience the best image clarity and convenience of changing magnification when needed. Thank you again for the amazing service and an excellent product.”

Dr. Amin Babul, Toronto, ON
“I want to thanks Synca for taking such good care of me with the ordering and fitting of my loupes. They fit beautifully, I see clearly and I don't need to use the headstrap to secure it! I wish that you guys made readers because I love that it's incorporated with the loupe. Thanks again.”

Wendy Buckmire RDH, Brampton, ON
“ExamVision loupes are one the best loupes you can find! I have personally tried loupes from other companies and none of them are comparable to ExamVision loupes from magnification, durability, and customer service. Unlike some companies, the representatives from Synca/ExamVision are always reachable at any time and any location. They also do follow ups on loupes to make sure the working length is properly adjusted. Loupes are one of the most important tools for dentists and ExamVision made them even easier for dentists, I appreciate the services Synca offered ever since I was in dental school!”

Dr. Carrie Chen, Toronto, ON
“I love my loupes! There are no complaints. I would say it is the best decision that I have ever made in the dentistry field. I was a bit worried about never having seen them before the purchase, but your knowledge along with others that have used and recommended the product came very highly..... I have recommended it to my residents too. Also you are always responsive and accessible when it is needed. Thanks.”

Dr. Niki Vahid, New York, NY
“Just wanted to let evreybody knows that I’m super happy with my loupes! I’m not bending over as much as I did with my previous loupes and it’s much more ergonomic and high quality, and it really shows. So thanks a lot for all the helps! The 3.5x is also a perfect magnification for me!”

Maryam Tarar, DDS candidate 2021, McGill University
“In the 35 years I’ve been wearing loupes, the Kepler Advanced from ExamVision are by far and away the most amazing loupes I’ve ever owned. I’ve tried all the major players and brands, including Orascoptic, Designs for Vision, and Surgitel at both low and high magnifications. My previous loupes used to give me headaches from the tight nose bridge and how snug I needed to keep the head strap to keep them from shifting. The Kepler Advanced are extremely light and well-balanced, only weighing 68 grams. The Kepler nose position is very comfortable and the ergonomic angle helps my neck stay comfortable as well, even after hours of surgery and long reconstructions. The temple tips of the frames are easily adjustable to get a stable and predictable fit and you almost don’t need the head strap to keep them snug. If you take the time to custom contour them, you won’t need to cinch up the head strap. High end and extremely meticulous dentistry require attention to detail and excellent and comfortable magnification. In particular, superb cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry require the ability to see, refine and polish at a high magnification. I used to change loupes from a low mag to a higher one depending on the procedure. Now I can wear the same super lightweight loupes all day with the ability to change mags with just a click – incredible!

Whether I’m doing an exam or fine polishing a tiny composite margin, the Keplers adjust to my needs for any given procedure. The clarity of the optical field is phenomenal and it is extremely large, even on 6.4x magnification. At that magnification, I like to adjust the fine focus and you can see almost an entire arch with perfect clarity. The Kepler Advanced at 6.4x mag are like wearing a super lightweight microscope, but with a much wider field of view. The headlight is super lightweight being crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and the cable is secure and simple to change. The light has a built in curing shield and produces a very defined and uniform focal spot. The battery life lasts well beyond a full day of procedures, sometimes two days. Synca has always been a great company to work with and Robert Beauchamp is incredibly responsive, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. In these days of huge impersonal dental companies, Synca, and Robert in particular, go above and beyond to provide that extra personal service. Their products are terrific and their service matches as well. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give the ExamVision Kepler Advanced a 20. The overall quality and features of the Kepler loupes are astounding and if you want the best available loupes on the market you MUST buy a pair of these.”

Dr. Michael Morgan, Hindsdale, IL, USA
“Exceptional service from the sales representative, Sylvie Chabot. Easily reachable and very professional. Thank you.”

Stéphanie RDH, Montréal, QC
“I really enjoyed my experience investing in ExamVision ergonomic loupes from SYNCA. The local rep was very friendly, provided a lot of great information, responded quickly to questions, and really helped me understand what was important when investing in loupes. I thought I would just look at a bunch of loupes and pick one that I liked... but I learned that a loupe has to be made properly for each person in order to result in the right ergonomic position. And if not custom made, then you can end up with a loupe that puts you in a non ergonomic position, which can affect your body long term. I like that the company is Canadian, and that they sell other products too, so when I graduate I can also invest in whitening kits or their EZDAM isolation system. In regards to ExamVision loupes, I LOVE MINE, they are super comfortable, they are light weight and fit perfectly as you can adapt the nose pad and frame around you head and ears. The clarity of the German optics are impressive, I can see so much detail, and I'm sitting straight up!. The build quality of the titanium frame is very high, I looked at some other loupes that were plastic, or had a very thin frame and I know these ExamVision loupes will last. There are some things that you should invest in quality, and your visual tools in dentistry is one of them. The price was right too, as they weren't that much more than the plastic ones I saw.. and remember I'm going to use these every day for the next 10 yrs... so worth it in my opinion. Overall I highly recommend SYNCA and ExamVision, I had a great experience with the company, and my local rep Robert. I'm very happy with my choice. Anyone reading this please take a look at ExamVision and SYNCA before you make a decision, you won't regret it.”

Karen Seraydarian, RDH Class of 2021, Montreal, QC
“I have the ExamVision Kepler Advanced loupes, I really like the fact that they are individually focusable, this is a huge ergonomic benefit as the loupes adjust to me, instead of I adjusting to the loupes. The hi power magnification of 6.4x is extremely useful for root canal therapy. The quality of the optics, lenses and frames are much better than some of the other companies I've used. I have about 5 or 6 pairs now and they all have disadvantages, but the ExamVision Kepler Advanced loupes are the first where I haven't really found any problems or disadvantages with them. Really the best loupes I’ve ever used and I have tried all the top brands on the market. Thank you Synca/ExamVision for such a great product and great service. I give these a 5-star rating and highly recommend them.”

Dr. William Bongiorno, New York, NY, USA
“As an Endodontist, magnification is very important to me. The Kepler Advanced has been the best loupes I have owned. In terms of magnification they are next best thing to a microscope with 4 magnifications going up to 6.4X. You can also adjust the working distance with the turn of a dial. If you’re an endodontist who travels between offices without access to a microscope, or a restorative dentist who just wants to see their preps in higher detail, then these are the loupes for you.

The construction of Exam Vision loupes is top notch. The materials and quality are just superior to other loupes on the market, and they are custom made for each order. I chose the carbon frame which is very light weight and durable. I paired it with the wireless Essential One light. It’s very lightweight, a bright-white light, and powered on conveniently by touch.

Finally, the customer service from Synca has been great. They came to me to take all of my measurements, help me with my order, followed up, and provided help during the pandemic by providing face shields. I am very happy with my purchase.”

Patrick Battista, DDS, Buffalo, NY
Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics
“I have owned my ExamVision Loupes since 2013 and have been very happy with them. The titanium frames are built to last! Recently, I needed some repairs due to normal wear and tear. I contacted the Synca rep Hugo and he came to my office the next day to do the repairs. Really appreciate the quick response and customer service!”

Dr. Christina Chow, Calgary, AB
“I bought my loupes through Synca and the entire experience has been fantastic. The rep was quick to answer emails and arrived with multiple options and frame designs to try on. She was very methodical in her measurements in determining the optimal positioning of the loupes and was very keen on ensuring that I maintained good posture with the loupes. She answered all questions thoroughly and I was very impressed with her knowledge.

The loupes took a few weeks to arrive but it was packaged very well and comes with a very sturdy and high quality case. Follow up questions to Synca's rep were answered swiftly and she does not hesitate in offering site visits to readjust the loupes as necessary.

Overall, I am very pleased with the experience from Synca! The optics are very high quality and the frames are professional and look great!”

Kevin Wong, London, ON
“I am extremely satisfied with my loupes. The adaptation was easy, the vision is excellent and enables a good working posture. Everything is perfect, and Sylvie’s customer service, the sales representative, is excellent. A tremendous thank you!!”

Sophie Cossette, Montreal, QC
“I am a recently graduated surgeon practicing in Canada. I used DFV 2.5x Loupes with a microLED Headlight for 6 years in residency. I was satisfied with the loupes overall. Having 2.5 x Loupes gives you a wider range of working distance which is valuable when you are often the assistant rather than the primary surgeon. But the headlight ate through batteries, the light became dim after a few years, and the replacement costs were very high.

I decided to look for a new pair of loupes when I started working independently. I needed 3.5x magnification for brain tumors and simple spinal decompressions. The ideal working distance for different procedures is significantly different. I looked into most loupe manufacturers available in North America before selecting Synca. I am blown away by the quality of my 3.5x Kepler Synca Loupes and Headlight. The loupes are very comfortable and lightweight. The quality of the Leica lenses is exceptional. These loupes are the only ones where you can make adjustments to the working distance after they are manufactured, meaning if the working distance is off a bit, you can change it yourself without having to send the loupes back to the manufacturer. The headlight covers the largest field of view I have seen in a loupe mounted headlight and the light quality is excellent. Hugo was very knowledgeable about loupes and lenses. The measurements taken before custom making my loupes were the most comprehensive I have ever seen. We were even able to make fine adjustments over the phone once I received them to ensure they functioned perfectly. The loupes are considerably more expensive than other brands but the price point definitely reflects the quality. I would not hesitate to recommend these loupes to anyone who wants the highest quality surgical magnification available.”

Dr. Dustin Morgan, Surgeon
“I have been using ExamVision for the last 12 years now. My experience with the product is simply excellent and that is why didn't switch to any other competitors. The after service is another beyond belief! My local representative, Hugo Matasol, gets to my office as soon as the same day to simply repair the troubleshoots of my overuse or faulty mishandling! (where else you can see that?) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Dr. Safi Magharius, Calgary, AB

Dr. Gerardo Chacon, Periodontist, Venezuela
“Hugo was beyond helpful when I contacted him at the end of Friday just before Thanksgiving about a missing screw from the hinge of my loupes. Within minutes after I emailed him, he replied and offered to fix my loupes on Monday (Thanksgiving day) so that I could see my patients early on Tuesday morning. I am very grateful to Hugo for going out of his ways to help me during this entire process.”

Dr. Sophie Dong, Calgary, AB
“Thank you so much for my ExamVision loupes! I love them!.. What I like most is the comfort of the lightweight frame and the way the weight is distributed, they feel very light. I also can see the quality of the German optics as the image is very clear and I can see the full arch. And, thank you for teaching me about the importance of how a loupe can do more damage than good if not made ergonomically, because I can see how well I'm positioned with these ergonomic loupes. I like my name on the loupe as well.. it looks cool.... and I love that you are a Canadian company with a Canadian service center... THANK YOU ROBERT!! I'll spread the word.”

Karen Seraydarian, RDH Student, Montreal, QC
“The practice as a dental hygienist is hard on a postural level. Beyond the posture, the eyes are also very solicited. For my back, my shoulders and my arms, I bought a Posiflex chair, so why not buy a performance tool for my eyes as well! After purchasing a first pair, which was not to my satisfaction and for which I did not get any customer service by the sales representative, the coordinator in my clinic talked to me about the company Synca. I admit I was a little skeptical, but the sales representative, Sylvie Chabot, convinced me! My gosh, I couldn’t see anything anymore! Sylvie came back on two occasions in order to help me get used to my loupes. Not only did I see better, my but working position has improved a great deal. I purchased 2.5X ESSENTIAL TTL ICON LOUPES with NANO 6500 LIGHTENING. The best professional gift I ever offered myself. Even after one year, Sylvie is always available. Thank you, Sylvie, for the excellent service and thank you, Synca, for this high-quality product.”

Nathalie Cyr, RDH, Longueuil, QC
“I had six months of experience as a dental hygienist when I started experiencing back and neck strains. Each night, at the end of my working day, I suffered. So, I turned to Sylvie Chabot to try to solve my problem. Since I acquired my loupes, everything changed for the better. I don’t have to bend my neck and my back anymore to see better. When I come home, I don’t have these awful back and neck strains. Moreover, Sylvie listened to all my needs. She was always available for me when I needed it. The service is simply fantastic. I only have good things to say about it! It is a good investment for my career!”

Marie-Soleil Myre, RDH, Laval, QC
“it’s not very often that we experience a true GAME CHANGING product… but the Kepler Advanced loupes are incredible and that is exactly what they are - A GAME CHANGER!!!

They are about half the weight of a similar product I tried out recently, and I would say feel similar to my 4.5x loupes that I’ve had for a long time! I couldn’t believe the fields of view I was seeing at the 5.5x and 6.4x mag. Settings. On the 5.5x I could see the full arch, and with the 6.4x I was just missing a full arch - it’s amazing. The clarity of the German optics is very impressive, the level of detail I can see is incomparable to anything I’ve ever used and the fine focus allows me to adjust as per procedure or patient, so it adjusts to me - not me to it.

When I first tried them out, I thought 'ok I’ll use it on 3.6x most of the time and then go up to 5.5x and 6.4x for the occasional cases' … But I found myself loving the 5.5x and the 6.4x settings and keeping them there most of the time. I would highly recommend to everyone to start using higher magnification. There really is no downside that I can see and these Kepler Advanced are the best thing in magnification that I’ve seen to date. I tried all the latest products, but this one is really incredible. It was more expensive than other solutions, but when you see the higher mag, experience the crystal clear details, you feel like you are watching something in 3D, it’s hard to explain, they really should win some sort of award for this product.

Thank you ExamVision!, and thank you Synca for bringing it to CANADA!! GET ONE - YOU WON’T REGRET IT!”

Dr. Eduardo Urrutia D.D.S., M.S., Prosthodontist. Calgary, AB
“I had an amazing experience with ExamVision and Hugo from Calgary. My old loupes were stolen, and Hugo came to our school to give a presentation with ExamVision. I was convinced on buying new loupes from them. The issue was that it takes about 6-8 weeks to get them. They gave me an express delivery option, getting me the loupes in 3-4 weeks. And since I didn't have loupes for 3-4 weeks, they sent me a loaner pair until I got my new loupes, which were perfectly measured for me. I got it within 1 day of meeting Hugo. Highly recommend ExamVision!”

Maninder Gundhu, 2018 student, Winnipeg, MB
“Good representatives are critical for loupes companies, and ExamVision has some of the best. I've worked with Hapi Randhawa-Sahota for the past 6 months, and she is an exceptional representative. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with my new ExamVision loupes. This included helping me attach my old Surgitel light to these loupes so that I didn't have to spend the money buying a new light right away. Despite being super busy, she always manages to find time to help when I've had any issues. She is knowledgeable, caring and always so nice. Love both the products and people at ExamVision!”

Lauren Lin, Toronto, ON
Student, University of Toronto
“Wanted to let you know that I received my loupes and they are great! THANK YOU so much for your patience and hard work. I will surely recommend ExamVision to friends & co-workers in need of quality workmanship and service in loupes.”

Susan Donnelly, RDH, USA
“I have been using ExamVision 3.5x expanded field for about 3-4 months now and I must say that it is THE BEST loupe I have ever used. None of the company in the market can beat the craftsmanship, clarity and service that ExamVision provides. In the past, I have used and tried Surgitel, Orascoptic, Design for Vision (DFV), and Zeiss loupes. The Zeiss lens is very good but do not have TTL and it was hard for me to set it up. Other loupe company did not have the clarity I was looking for in the loupes. At first, I was worried about increased weight and diminished field of width due to going up on magnification but turns out that is not an issue. It is slightly heavier than my DFV 2.5x but not much more and a lot lighter than other brand's 3.5x expanded field. In addition, I feel that field of vision is better than my DFV 2.5x because of clarity that Leica lens give. The edge to edge is CRYSTAL CLEAR!! Now I use only this loupe for EVERY PROCEDURE and I have no issue with weight even if I have light attached to the loupe. One downside I can think of is that there is no dedicated rep here in the United States. However, Ms. Hapi (Rep in Canada) has helped me with all my questions and concerns as well as adjustment over video conference. It was very helpful and one of the best rep out there!! I am so glad that I tried ExamVision Loupe and I am planning to get one more pair in the future.”

Yasufumi Yamazaki, DDS, Santa Fe, NM
“The acquisition of my new loupes brought a lot of benefits to my daily clinical work. Previously I had loupes from OPTIKMEDIC - ExamVision is a change for the better. Having experiences loupes from 2 different companies for a prolonged period, I can understand and appreciate the major differences. A main difference is the position of my neck and head. My working position is improved and much more ergonomic. This is an immense advantage, considering the frequency and degree of musculoskeletal problems within our profession. I also noticed an enormous improvement in the clarity and brightness of the image. The loupes are also lighter and have less tendency to slip during procedures.

Loupes are a key component during our training, and selection should be done with sufficient care. Most students in my group opted for the least expensive, which is a mistake, as the difference between products is significant. It’s worth it to try different products before buying, as most of our clinical work will be done with loupes. It’s also really important to be able to communicate with the representatives in case of problems, since loupes are such an important tool. With ExamVision, we benefit from impeccable service and professional contact with our representative, who is easily reachable and always available.”

Laurie-Gabrielle Lagueux, Student, Laval University, QC
“I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Sylvie Chabot and Synca to fit my surgical loupes. Sylvie is very professional and her advice helped me in selecting the products best adapted to my work. These loupes are untouchable in terms of performance, comfort and looks. Thank you.”

Dr. Mohamed Said Maghezzi, Veterinarian, Laval, QC
“This review toward KEPLER KOMPAKT TTL 4.6X Loupes on Icon Plano frame with Focus 6000 LED Lighting System. Overall, the unit is well made with clear and clean finishing edges. The frame is well balanced. The nose pads and arms are adjustable intuitively. It has a good feel on my face. Kepler loupes are captivating with clear, live image of the tooth. I can adjust the focus point as the tooth position change. The light complements my view field with natural white color that does not strain my eyes. 4.6 X magnification keep me on the chair.

Once I bend my back, the image is out of focus. Good motive to keep my back straight. Robert took multiple measurements to make the loupe customized to the position of my ears, nose bridge, arm inclination, working distance. So, the loupe was perfect fit when it came. The battery is light in my pocket. I am comfortable with low level illumination. The battery gets charged in 1 and half hour. My assistant appreciates the clear instruction that came with the loupe and illumination system. The disinfectant wipes are odorless, in a good container. The unit came in well-made aluminum case that is lined with shock absorbent foam and multiple compartments. It has a lock if you need it :)

I work up to 8 hours in my working days as an Endodontist. I used loupes with light for 10 years. I teach Endodontics in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. ExamVision is the 5th loupe I try and the 2nd loupe I decided to Keep. I ordered Orascoptic XVI minizoom and I returned it. I used flip up loupes and I can tell you that the customized one with adjustable focus point are worth considering. I had an excellent experience with ExamVision through SYNCA. Robert made 2 visits to answer my inquiries and present a loupe as close as possible to my measurements. I saw the variable loupe frames, magnifications, light system. Robert give me the needed information to make an informed decision. His team is very cooperative. They sent the battery to me before I left Montreal to Riyadh. To avoid shipping complication of lithium battery. Then, the Loupe was sent to me in 4 weeks. It came in a good shape. ExamVision has a representative in UAE. So, no worry from customer service in Middle East. My sincere appreciation to the people who made Kepler loupe, light, frame. You made looking at teeth effortless and surprisingly enjoyable.”

Dr. Reem Alsulaimani, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
“I had dropped my loupes at work and they suddenly stopped working properly. Although they looked fine and nothing appeared to be wrong with them I was seeing double vision when having them on. So the next day I called Synca and they took my info. Within 1 hour I had a man named Hugo call me and he asked me questions about the loupes willing to help. He offered to have them sent over for a small fee but it would have cost me around over $100 to realign and ship them. So he gave me an alternative solution to have them fixed over the phone, he gave me directions of how to do so and they were fixed in 5 mins. He was very helpful! I highly recommend getting your loupes from them as they really care about you and your money when it comes to repairs.”

Roopi Gill, RDH, Abbotsford, BC
“I have some great words of appreciation for Ms. Hapi Randahwa the salesperson who introduced me to ExamVision loupes and who did a wonderful job helping me select the correct pair of loupes in a very professional and transparent manner. I have recommended the loupes to some of my friends as well, all because of the great and prompt service I got from Ms. Randahwa. She is a big asset to the organisation I guess. Thank you Hapi and thank you ExamVision!”

Dr. Varun Hansraj, Mississauga, ON
“I visited many booths when looking for loupes at the ODA meeting 2 years ago. The ExamVision experience was by far the most professional and thorough. I was able to get my exact prescription duplicated with my loupes. The usage experience and service has been equally excellent. If you care about your eyes these are the only loupes to get!”

Dr. Anthony Mair, Toronto, ON
“I would just like to say a sincere thank you to both Robert and ExamVision. I switched from another brand of dental magnification loupes and can’t say enough about what a difference my new ExamVision loupes are. The quality of the product, the clarity of the lenses, and the support from Robert have been second to none. Robert was extremely helpful in choosing the specifications for the loupes that I purchased and with some quick measurements from my optometrist, I was able to furnish all of the information necessary for crafting my custom loupes. I have been thrilled with the comfort and visibility that they offer me in combination with the powerful XP headlight. I would highly recommend Robert and ExamVision to anyone looking to improve upon their magnification, comfort, and posture with new dental loupes.”

Brett Mansfield, DMD, Danvers Dental Associates, Danvers, MA
“My loupes are fantastic. I can't image working without them and especially not without my light - I'm so glad that I got it also. Since I got them I haven't had any headaches, which is amazing! I got them frequently before and they were BAD. Synca were so helpful and fantastic to work with, so thanks again.”

Hilary Smith RDh, Wilsonville, ON
“I am completely satisfied with my new loupes and the customer service at Synca. After 30 years of general dentistry, I treated myself: custom made ergonomic loupes and seating. The quality and comfort has surpassed my expectations. The customer serivce is diligent and professional... Synca , because you deserve it! ”

Dr. Marc St-Pierre, St-Hyacinthe, QC
“Their product and customer service are amazing! I have been using the loupes of another company for 3 years and was looking to get a new pair. The optical quality of their scopes is fantastic. I was looking for loupes with +4x magnification, and in my opinion ExamVision had the lightest and best quality scopes. Furthermore, Hapi and Ann are incredible reps. They are genuine, kind, and truly willing to help.”

Peter Mai, Oakville, ON, 2017 student
“I contacted Hapi Randhawa regarding an issue with my essential light. It had stopped working. Within couple of days she took care of the issue. Excellent service!”

Gurpreet Jaura, Mississauga, ON
“I got my loupes and I LOVE THEM! The Titanium frames are well built but still very lightweight. The magnification is perfect and I still have a large field of view. I really like the light as well. Some of my staff commented on how great they looked compared to others!! Thank you for the great service and product, I will recommend your company and product to my colleagues.”

Dr. Nouf Baker, Montreal, QC
“Best loupes ever!! I had a bad experience previously with another loupe company and I am so glad I went with Synca. Not only do they look amazing but the quality is top notch. My back and neck feel so much better. No more pain. I would like to thank Ann who assisted me in my purchase. She was so knowledgeable, professional and I really felt like she went the extra mile for me. Thank you so much Ann and Synca. I'm with you guys for life!”

Julia C. RDH, Ajax, ON
“These loupes have helped me adopt a better working position and reduce my neck tension. They are lightweight with a clear field of view. Thanks for the good service.”

Lise Gauthier, RDH, St-Hilaire, QC
“I really like the quality of my ExamVision loupes, when I compared the quality with the leading products in the US - you can see that ExamVision are a notch above and far better than the competition. The quality of the optics are amazing which provides impressive widths and depths of field, especially when ordering above a 4.0x in a short barrel design! I like the stylish pure titanium frames which makes them very easy to adjust to my face. Glasses are always hard to fit and some companies I needed to tie up the head strap so they didn’t move on my face! With ExamVision I don’t have to do that and they are very comfortable, lightweight and well balanced. Thank you Synca for these ExamVision loupes…. I was a little nervous ordering without seeing the loupes in person… but am very glad I took the chance. I recommend Synca and ExamVision if you’re looking for top quality loupes!”

Jiho Yang, 2016 DDS candidate, Cleveland
“Dear Synca, thank you for the fantastic service and loupes!! From start to finish, you have been very efficient, clear with pricing and your aftercare has been brilliant. The loupes have helped my back significantly at work, and I cannot work without them!!! They loupes are very light and the field of vision is very clear. As the frames are made from titanium, it is very robust. The light provided helps a lot when doing very intricate work and I am so glad I invested in a pair of ExamVision loupes.

Prior to ordering the loupes, I enquired about them as I was from the UK. Hugo the Rep for Western Canada explained everything clearly giving me all the options allowing me to make a decision based solely on my need. I met Hugo in BC and he again explained the benefits of the loupes and gave me all the options. Once I received my loupes, it needed a small adjustment and Synca organized everything from collecting the loupes to the adjustment and quick delivery them.

I am very pleased with Synca and the ExamVision loupes would highly recommend them to dentists and other healthcare professionals!”

Dr. Suren Fernando, Vancouver, BC
“My ExamVision loupes are fantastic, I couldn't be happier with the fit and aesthetics! The light feels very light on the frames and does a great job illuminating the mouth, even at a low setting. They also appear to be calibrated well with my posture. They made me a little nauseous at first, but I remember you saying it could take time getting used to them. Thank you again for the support!”

Stephanie Klok, Registered Dental Hygienist, Fonthill, ON “Best loupe I have ever used. Super-light weight and perfectly balanced. Easy to take on and off, and easy to disconnect from portable light. Superb all around system. Battery and light are extremely light weight. Long battery life.”

Dr. Michael Morgan, Hinsdale, IL
Smiles by Morgan
“Excellent service, lightest loupes with light attachment I have used. No neck strain. Good battery life. Clear vision. Thanks for the great service.”

Dr. Marangos, Toronto, ON
“The loupes are great! I truly enjoy using them. Excellent optics with top notch frame.”

Nathan Haas, DDS, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
“Bought my loupes after trying out a couple of different ones. Have enjoyed the lightweight feel and the clarity of vision when operating. Have been recommending them to all my colleagues.”

Dr. Iqbal Jaffer, Hamilton, ON
Department of Cardiac Surgery at McMaster University
“I purchased the ExamVision loupes from Synca this year. After having received them I love the fact that they are lightweight but very durable. The optics are incredible, I have been amazed at the clear, crisp images provided by the sleek, modern designed frames. The loupes arrived and required no adjustments, I simply put them on and was immediately astounded by the magnification and clarity. I can't believe the superiority of the ExamVision Loupes. Thank you Robert and thank you Synca.”

Dr. Marlon Salgado<, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Holyoke Health Center
“Dear Synca, the ExamVision loupes have completely altered the way I see things in the mouth and I definitely feel that everyone in today's world should be wearing loupes to be able to provide effective care. The ExamVision product is comfortable, lightweight and the clarity of the optics are impressive. I see things that I never saw before. As well, the service that Robert/Synca provided me was top notch in that I was not pushed to purchase the product; rather shown the value and allowed to determine for myself that this is the product that is best for me. I also appreciated you coming to the office to fit me for the lenses and demonstrate the product to me. The pricing of the lenses I find is very reasonable and I am really enjoying using the lenses (so much so that I want higher magnification for the more intricate treatments I provide). I really can't explain in words just how much Synca and ExamVision are helping me. I feel that I am providing much better care for my patients. Thank you for this excellent product and thank you for the excellent service.”

Azhar Pardhan, DDS, Carp, ON
“I recently purchased loupes from Robert at Synca who distribute the ExamVision line of loupes. Robert was very helpful, knowledgeable and informative on loupes, the different types on the market and what was important when investing. I found the ExamVision products to be of superior quality, very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The prices of Synca are very competitive for such a high quality product. I am experiencing less pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders due to maintaining proper positioning after just a few weeks of wearing the loupes: I saved money as I required a shorter appointment this weekend as my massage therapist asked me what I was doing as I didn't have as many knots to work out! Once in a while I forget to put my glasses on and I immediately notice myself straining to look at a particular area in the mouth; then I think where are those loupes!! I can honestly say that this was a great investment that has improved my quality of work, my posture and I know I'm doing the best possible treatments for my patients. THANK YOU SYNCA!!!”

Pamela Mackay, Ottawa, ON
Dental hygienist
“I decided to purchase EXAM VISION loupes after having compared them with several other companies (DESIGNS FOR VISION and ORASCOPTIC to name a couple). I found the EXAM VISION quality was much higher in regards to the clarity of the image, the sturdiness of the frames and overall feel of the product. I felt that if I invested in the other companies that I would have to replace them the near future as they seemed inferior. Not only do I find the EXAM VISION sturdy but they are super light as well and very comfortable. I know that this investment is a long term one and I wanted to make sure that I invested in quality so that this daily tool will last me for many years in practice. The service I received was also a determining factor, having a local company with knowledgeable reps really helped me understand certain key factors when it came to buying my loupes. Knowing that they have been around since 1986 and that they sp ecialize in loupes gave me peace of mind. I would recommend that everyone call Synca and look at EXAM VISION before investing in loupes.”

Erin Ilagan, Montreal, ON
Dental hygienist
“I just have one word to describe this loupes and light "EXCELLENT" in the past I have used loupes from other companies, but they were nothing compared to ExamVision, clarity is simply remarkable, also the most striking and intelligent feature is the plug in cable for the light, eliminates the need to change the whole LED if the cable is damaged. In short I would recommend this loupes and LED light to everyone thriving for excellence.”

Dr. Salim Kapadia, Toronto, ON
“When I was in the market for loupes I reviewed a few products before deciding to invest in EXAM VISION. I had never heard of them before but when I saw the product and was able to compare to the other well known names in the industry it was clearly a superior product. The German optics are very crisp and clear, clearer than the other loupes I looked at. I really like the way the custom designed frames are fit to me and how they balance the loupes on my head. They are very comfortable - especially when you are in long procedures. Although they were a bit more expensive you really get what you pay for. I feel that the importance of a visual tool is paramount in my field and the additional cost over the life of the loupe was a no brainer. I HIGHLY recommend SYNCA and the EXAM VISION loupes and lights for your professional needs.”

Dr. Abdulaziz Althunayan, Urology, Montreal, QC
“The loupes and the light are incredible. They exceed my expectations. I didn't need any time to adjust to the loupes. I just put them on and went to work. They are so superior to my old flip-ups. I am already dependent on the light. The combination of the loupes and light make it much easier to do dentistry. I just have to learn to avoid shining the light in my patient's eyes. As for adjustments, I think they are set up perfect the way they are. Thanks so much for fitting me twice and your patience with me.”

Dr. Darryl Gershman, Winnipeg, MB
“As far as the loupes go, I love the fact that they are so lightweight and don't require the head strap which was cumbersome and easily tangled in hair! The angle of the lenses allow me to work with a much more upright posture and reduce the neck strain that I used to find with the older, heavier loupes. The light is terrific as well although the only complaint I have is about the battery pack - the clip that holds it in place (i.e.: on your belt or pants) is a poor design. I have gone through 2 clips already! The plastic part is easily broken and often comes unscrewed. That would be my only negative comment. Otherwise I LOVE them!”

Dr. Erin Hennessy, Wolfville, NS
“I am satisfied with my 2.8 and XP light. Higher magnification would not appeal to me. I am truly delighted with my loupes. There is no doubt that it improves my vision on small objects (teeth + tissue) and makes life much more pleasant and stress free.”

Larry Gaum, DDS, Cert. Oral Surgeon, Mississauga, ON
“I have received many, many, excellent compliments about the great ExamVision loupes that Synca is selling and the service you’ve given. I hope in the near future there will be more freedom for students to choose their dental loupe provider here at McGill University -which many students would prefer, especially when they see my loupes! Thank you for such a great product and great service. I will spread the word as this product is far superior to what I’ve seen on the market to date.”

Dr. Feras Al-Halabi, Montreal, QC
“Now I like working in the region of the 3rd molars as everything is so much clearer. I can really see the failures in older restorations (fractures, margins…) My neck and trapezius are in much better condition. In reality, I can no longer live without my loupes.”

Nadine Verret, St-Raymond, QC
Dental hygienist since 1997
“Thanks to my loupes, I can now work without neck pain and without tension in my trapezius. I'm also more confident when I work on molars during scaling. Thank you Synca!”

Dominique Cayer, St-Raymond, QC
Dental hygienist since 1996
“Without my new loupes, I would not be able to continue my career as a dental hygienist, due to back and neck pain. I can't live without them, it's as simple as that!”

Christiane Beaupré, St-Raymond, QC
Dental hygienist since 1988
“My loupes allow me to do my scaling and perio exams with more confidence.”

France Jobin, St-Raymond, QC
Dental hygienist since 1991
“Having adopted a bad posture in the past from repetitive movements, I was diagnosed with calcified hip tendonitis last spring. I decided to acquire some loupes from Synca that I have been looking at for some time. After only a few weeks of wear, I quickly began to feel the ergonomic benefits and it became less difficult to get through a day's work. My profession demands a lot of concentration and physical effort, and with loupes, everything is easier to see and less stressful on the eyes. A now for the LED. Adding extra lighting has been another factor in making my life easier. I truly believe that loupes are an indispensable tool for all dental hygienists that want to take care of their health wish to practice for a long time. My hip pain is now almost gone and I'm very happy.”

Karine Pezzota, Châteauguay, QC
Dental hygienist
“I've been using Designs for Vision for 10 years, and after that Orascoptic for 5 years. but the new HD 4.2 are the standard for better dentistry. I heard that 4.2 was too much magnification … after 2 days I can no longer use my previous 2.5s.”

Dr. François Blackburn, Jonquiere, QC
“I recently received my ExamVision loupes in the mail and just wanted to say that the Essential 2.5x ExamVision loupes are exactly what I was hoping for. The quality of the glasses themselves far exceeds the other loupe companies and the clarity of the lenses are better as well. It is highly likely that I will be using ExamVision loupes for the rest of my dental career. If I am this impressed with the entry-level loupes, I am sure that I will never outgrow ExamVision. Thank you for your help with my questions and making me aware of what is really important when choosing this important ergonomic and visual aid.”

John Trimble DMD, Oregon, OH
2015 student Oregon Health & Sciences University
“I had a great experience from the day you came to measure for the loupes and inform me re: benefits of this type of set-up and ergonomics to delivery. Even getting the loupes adjusted went smoothly with a quick turn around. The loupes themselves are incredible and surpass the other two pairs I have had by leaps and bounds. The 4.6x has a great working field and range of depth. I am very happy with this whole process. The price is high, however, in this instance I think that 1) you get what you pay for and 2) it is an investment in your quality of work and your future.”

Terry C.L. Farquhar RN DDS Dip.Ped. FRCD(C), Kelowna , BC
Okanagan Dental Care for Kids Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry
“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with ExamVision! The sales representative, Hapi Randhawa, was very genuine and knowledgeable with regards to loupes. Furthermore, she was very approachable and prompt with responding to emails. I look forward to dealing with Hapi again in the future. With regards to loupes themselves, I found the quality of ExamVision to be superior compared to other brands I looked into. Furthermore, numerous dental students from upper years highly recommended ExamVision. Although I was quoted to receive my loupes 8-10 weeks after I placed my order, I was beyond impressed when they arrived only 5 weeks post-order! While I have not had a chance to use my loupes in clinic yet, I am very impressed with the overall quality of the loupes and the included accessories. I look forward to using my loupes!”

Joshua Raisin, Toronto, ON
DDS Candidate 2018
“What I really like about ExamVision/Synca: streamlined online order process, good communication; it is the only company that I know that offers sports frame with prescription lenses (no clip ins), smaller telescope design, which means effortless transition between magnified viewing and regular lens viewing, significantly less weight than competition and thin yet sturdy frames (sometimes I forget that I am wearing loupes), clarity of the high index lenses and Leica German optics (less distortion), steep angle of declination for less neck pain, sturdy frame with good design… I can go on. I am very pleased with the product, company and service so far. I would definitely recommend Exam Vision over other products for those looking at loupes!”

Jaesung Seo, Williamsville, NY
2015 Student
“My experience with Hugo and Synca Dental has been nothing but bending over backwards for the client. On that basis I have been promoting Hugo as a service rep. Most other Dental Suppliers who sell loops / magnification provide zero service after delivery. That is not the case here. The after service sales is a 5 Star Caliber. And of course Hugo has his DDS and Masters in Ortho so his appreciation about our needs is very acute. Thank you Hugo for your care for my needs.”

Dr. Frank Giesbrecht, Calgary, AB
“I am a difficult 'fit' for loupes even though I have worn various loupes for more than 25 yrs. Kudos to the tireless efforts of your sales rep Hapi Randhawa for succeeding in fitting me with your excellent optics at a higher power and providing prompt and professional support during the adaptation period. Your battery and light source are also excellent.”

Dr. Dale Nixon, Toronto, ON
“I am loving my Exam Vision loupes! Excellent product. They provided a great fit with minimal need for adjustments once I received them. I found them very easy to adapt to, even for a first time loupe user! The large field of view made it so easy for my eyes to accommodate right away. The light weight design allows me to wear them all day comfortably. The look and build is of quality, and I feel they are very discrete and fashionable at the same time. Overall experience with Synca/Robert was excellent; prompt, friendly, and helpful product support with optically knowledgeable staff. I firmly believe these loupes offer an excellent value for the cost. Thank you Synca/Robert for an excellent product and service….which is harder and harder to find these days!”

Dr. Garfield Kirchner, Enderby, BC
“I purchased loupes from Hapi at Synca who distribute the ExamVision line of loupes in Ontario. She is amazing and she was so helpful and so advisable on loupes. I found the ExamVision products to have the best quality, and it is really light, style and comfortable to wear.”

Fersan Marei, Kitchener, ON
2016 Graduate
“I love my new loupes! They're lightweight, no string to hold them in place, the light does not get hot, and most importantly the clarity is amazing. I want to thank my rep, Hapi. She was very patient and knowledgeable. She fitted my loupes perfectly. I recommend these loupes to all my colleagues.”

Dr. Mandeep Johal, Guelph, ON
“I would like to thank Ann Tran and say that I am totally satisfied with my ExamVision Loupes. Not only were they delivered on time, over more, I appreciate the effort and the professionalism through the whole process. I would be happy to recommend the ExamVison Dental loupes to all my colleagues It was good to do business with Synca.”

Dr. Dimitri Arra, London, ON
“I've been using the Kepler Compact 3.5 loupes with the deep Cosmos frame for over two months and I love them. These loupes offer a crystal clear view with the perfect balance of magnification and field of view. The frame fits me perfectly and they are well balanced which is perfect considering that I ordered them online. I paired these loupes with the Focus 6000K light system which is great to work on those posterior preparations. I would also like to thank Robert for his expertise and patience with me, he answered all my questions and provided me with great advice. People are always giving me compliments about the higher quality as well as how beautiful these loupes are. I highly recommend ExamVision loupes as well as Robert Beauchamp.”

José Maldonado, University of Minnesota
2015 DDS/PhD Student
“I find the 4.6x ExamVision loupes to very lightweight compared to my Design for Vision of equal magnification. The custom made frames with contourable temple tips adapts well behind the ears securing them in place so they don't move or slide down my nose. I appreciate the Denmark simple, clean and precise design. Dealing with Synca in Canada was great - I appreciated Robert Beauchamp's knowledge and the communication he had with me in regards to making the custom made loupes for me. His response time on any questions were immediate and I appreciated that very much. My nose thanks you for this great set of loupes!”

Dr. Ted Kanamori Makawao, HI
“I could not be more happy with my loupes. They are so clear and the working distance is perfect! Ann was extremely professional and friendly. Great product!”

Courtney Toms, 2016 dental student, Toronto, ON
“My loupes and my light have become my most important working tools. I can no longer live without them, and I'm surprised how much I appreciate the light. My posture is significantly better, I'm less tired after a day's work, and the quality of my work has improved. Once you try it, you'll never look back!”

Johanne Langlais, Dental Hygienist, Farnham, QC

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in-office consultation

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