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FiT!® viscosities are fine tuned to work together

SuperFiT!® Soft Putty (Dark Turquoise) is a non-oily formula that is easy to mix and insert into the mouth. Once set, SuperFiT!® Soft Putty retains the stability necessary for accuracy, however is easier to remove from the mouth than traditional putties.

SuperFiT!® Heavy (Dark Purple) body exerts ideal fluid pressure on the light body material to capture minute marginal details. When set, it provides sufficient stability in the impression tray.

SuperFiT!® Medium (Light Purple) body is an excellent monophase material, or it can be used as a tray material with FiT!® Light.

FiT!® Light (Pink) body provides extraordinary level of detail comparative to the best materials available today. It flows perfectly into crevices under pressure without dripping. Its working time is optimized to multiple unit impressions and the setting time is minimized.

Extreme Hydrophilic Formula

FiT!® products offer exceptional hydrophilic properties.

German Accuracy without German Pricing

Synca offers this great material at a low direct-to-you everyday price.

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The color choice and contrast allows for visibility between the materials and easy-to-read margins.

SuperFiT!® Soft Putty: Dark Turquoise
SuperFiT!® Heavy: Dark Purple
SuperFiT!® Medium: Light Purple
FiT!® Light: Pink

Working and Setting Times

The advanced FiT!® formula minimizes setting times while allowing for a full 1:00 to 1:30 of working time.

Working time: Setting time:
SuperFiT!® Soft Putty: ≥ 1:00 ≤ 2:00
SuperFiT!® Heavy: ≥ 1:30 ≤ 2:00
SuperFiT!® Medium: ≥ 1:30 ≤ 2:00
FiT!® Light: ≥ 1:30 ≤ 1:45

How can a better impression material cost you less?

Use FiT!® and save up to 50% over other brands. This highest quality German developed and manufactured product comes from the factory - to Synca - to you.

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Comparative published costs

Product* 4 Cartridges 1400g Putty
FiT!® (Synca) $104.00 $172.00
Aquasil Ultra LV™ $140.90 $223.52
EXA’lence™ (GC) $115.85 volume n/a
Express™ (3M) $120.00 $271.40
Take One™ (Kerr) $123.80 volume n/a

*Trademarks of their respective manufacturers
fit Extreme hydrophilic formula
correct plus Hydrophilic impression material
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