Outstanding clinical results from start to finish in 3 easy steps!

FüZE!® is engineered to simplify the process of placing indirect restorations with high bond strengths and reliable and consistent results. Forget about etching, priming, bonding, hand mixing, or triturating capsules!

The self-etch formulation incorporates new resin technology for enhanced bond strength with greater reliability. Upon application, FüZE!® quickly conditions dentin, enamel, and the restoration all in one quick and simple step. By eliminating the etching, priming and bonding steps, both postoperative sensitivity and procedure time are drastically reduced.

  • Perfect for UDMA posts; SA resin cement offers a superior bond to DT POST® and Logipost® ISO
  • Convenient auto-mix delivery system - single-step accurate placement with minimal waste
  • Contains fluoride - provides a sustained fluoride release to minimize the potential for caries
  • Versatile shade selection - choose from A2, Translucent, and Opaque White

Achieve outstanding clinical results from start to finish in three easy steps

FüZE!® Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is engineered to simplify the process of placing indirect restorations with reliable and consistent bond strength. Forget about etching, priming, bonding, handmixing, or triturating capsules!

1 >Dispense

Dispense FüZE!® Cement directly into restoration.
fuze step1

2 >Place

Seat restoration.
fuze step2

3 >Cure

Light cure or self cure.
fuze step3

FüZE!® formula exhibited the highest retention force

Retention of Overdenture Posts Cemented with Self-Adhesive Resin Cements

Mohamed Ezzat Elsayed, BDS, MScD, PhD; Omar M. El-Mowafy, BDS, PhD, FADM; Aaron Fenton, DDS, MS, FRCDC.*Based on independent evaluation of the FüZE!® formula and popular brands.

The strongest* auto-mix self adhesive cement

*Independent newsletter July, 2007; FüZE!® formula appeared in statistical category of SE resin cements exhibiting highest bond strength to dentin.

FüZE!® intra-canal tips for easy insertion of FüZE!® into canals during post cementation.
fuze tip

Cements characteristic:

FüZE!® Embrace Wetbond®* Maxcem®* Rely-x Unicem Clicker®*
Bond strength
to dentin*:
21MPa 9MPa 9MPa 20MPa
Film thickness: 7-13µm 4-9µm 15-21µm 7-16µm
Light or Self:
Expansion at 2 months <2%: YES YES YES YES
Comparative pricing ($/gm): $9.59/gm $15.43/gm $28.40/gm $19.90/gm

*Trademarks of their respective manufacturers
Bases on prices in current Canadian publications or websites

One Cement – Multiple Applications

FüZE!® Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is formulated to accommodate virtually all cementation procedures. It’s advanced resin technology and low expansion ensure compatibility with all substrates including composite, semi-precious metals, precious metals, and zirconia and alumina-based restorations.

Inlays/Onlays Crowns Bridges Posts
Metal/Porcelain Fused to Metal
Zirconia and Alumina-based Restorations
Composite/Fiber Reinforced Composite
fuze Self-adhesive resin cement
breeze Self-adhesive resin cement
cement-it Dual-cure resin cementation system
mojo Veneer cement system
build-it fr Fiber reinforcement core material
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