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Implantmed SI-1015: Specially designed for use in dental implantology!

Implantmed gives you the tools for oral surgical procedures in the fields of implantology and maxillofacial surgery with maximum precision.

Implantmed knows what surgeons and implantologists need!

  • The new Implantmed from W&H ensures improved treatment safety for you and your patients.

  • With the intuitive user interface, colour touch screen and glass surface the new Implantmed offers you the highest levels of comfort.

  • The documentation function saves all torque values during the implant insertion, thread cutting procedure and ISQ reading on a USB flash drive.

  • The Implantmed is ideal for implantology with its automatic thread cutter function and its automatic torque control.
implantmed unit


implantmed thread cutter

Thread cutter function

Use the automatic thread cutter function to insert implants in hard bone. The thread cutter function prevents excessive compression of the bone when inserting the implant. The result: no bone loss and stress-free healing of the implant.
implantmed torque control

Automatic torque control

The torque can be precisely adjusted from 5 to 80 Ncm and ensures the necessary safety when inserting implants. Controlled insertion of all types of implant with torque of up to 80 Ncm.
implantmed documentation

Documentation of procedures

Activate the documentation function and document treatments and their results. That offers you extra security, ensures quality and reinforces your patient's confidence. Saves all values of the implant insertion, thread cut and/or Osstell ISQ measurement on a USB stick and inform referrers about the healing process.

Implantmed pump

Implantmed pump

The new pump design makes insertion of the coolant hose secure and quick.
Implantmed pedale

Regular foot control

The multifunctional foot control allows sterile working and optimum freedom for your hands.
Implantmed wireless pedale

Wireless foot control

With the wireless foot control you can select the optimum position in the work area without restrictions or cables. Available as an option or upgrade.

EM-19 / EM-19 LC: Powerful electric motors

With this powerful electric motor even difficult implantology or oral surgery procedures are done with ease.

  • Ultra short motor with 6.2 Ncm maximum torque
  • 200 to 40,000 rpm at motor
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
  • Available with Light Contacts (EM-19 LC) or without (EM-19) as an option or an upgrade

implantmed motor
implantmed motor

20:1 Contra-angle handpieces

W&H 20:1 contra angle handpieces are specifically designed for preparation of the implant site, implant insertion and oral surgery. W&H surgical contra-angle handpieces are made from high-quality stainless steel with a scratch-resistant coating, are ergonomic, and designed for high torque.

  • Fatigue-free operation for long periods of work without fatigue
  • Variable cooling, scratch resistant, perfect for cleaning
  • Lighting options include: fiber optic and internal generator fiber optic

Ergonomic balance

The contra-angle handpiece is comfortable in the hand and in combination with the ultra-short EM-19 or EM-19 LC motor perfectly balanced
implantmed handpiece


Implantmed cleaning

Perfect cleaning

To enable thorough cleaning to be carried out, the contra-angle handpieces can be easily and quickly dismantled and re-assembled – without the use of tools.
Implantmed illumination

Optimal illumination (option)

Thanks to its being half the size of a normal LED, the mini LED+ can be integrated very close to the contra-angle head and offers optimal illumination.
Scratch-resistant surface

Scratch-resistant surface

The unique coating protects the contra-angle handpiece from scratches. This facilitates cleaning and preserves the value.

Implantology 20:1 handpiece availability


REF 30065000 – New generation, new ergonomics, new coating, four different green spray clips, fully dismantleable for cleaning post-surgery, works with all W&H and competitor units

WS-75 L

REF 3003300 – New generation, new ergonomics, new coating, four different green spray clips, fully dismantleable for cleaning post-surgery with our patented built in Light Contact Mini LED+ system

Will only work with the Implantmed SI-1015 unit, LED will only work with one of the “LC” motors with this unit

WS-75 LG

REF 30032000 – New generation, new ergonomics, new coating, four different green spray clips, fully dismantleable for cleaning post-surgery with our patented built in self-generating mini LED+ system, works with all W&H and competitor units


REF 10207550 – Our standard 20:1 handpiece, two different black spray clips, non-dismantleable, non LED, works with all W&H and competitor units

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