ENA HRi® Bio Function
BPA-FREE composite

ENA HRi® Bio Function is a composite material with unique characteristics for all direct and indirect restorations in the anterior or posterior. It does not contain co-monomers, bis-GMA or bisphenol-A. It does not release free nanoparticles.

Its unique formulation is highly wear-resistant, offering a wear rate similar to that of natural dentin or gold, making it ideal for direct or laboratory fabricated posterior restorations, such as restorations on implants, onlays, single crowns or full arches.
Vanini Stratification Technique

ENA HRi® offers unparalleled esthetics for anterior composite restorations. It features materials that have been designed specifically for the Vanini Stratification technique. Dr. Vanini is a leader and innovator in dental esthetics, and continues to teach his technique, along with many of his colleagues, all around the globe.

With ENA HRi®, you can obtain predictable, highly esthetic composite restorations with invisible margins, while providing patients with years of functional smiles.

ENA HRi® Flow
“No Bubbles” Formulation

Standard flowable composite formulations incorporate fine air bubbles into the material. When photo-polymerized these air spaces result in uncured composite internally, leading to internal structural weaknesses and the development of micro-fractures. The ENA HRi® Flow formulation eliminates air bubbles, resulting in superior physical properties.
ENA Matrix
Anatomical Sectional Matrices & Wedge System

The Ena Matrix system from Micerium (Italy) is now available in Canada. It is fully compatible with the Palodent Plus* system, while the slightly thicker matrices can be burnished for optimal adaptation. The value-priced system makes it cost-effective for all restorations.

*Trademark Dentsply/Sirona
ENA Bond
Can be Use as a 5th or 4th gen. bonding

ENA Bond can be used alone as a single bottle total etch (5th generation) system with ethanol carrier, or can be followed with an application of ENA Seal (unfilled resin) to act as a 4th generation system. Try ENA Bond today with a great special offer and ask about our year-round incentives on bonding products.