Artiste™ Nano
Nano composite
atiste nano
Artiste Nano Composite is a highly esthetic, visible light cured, radiopaque, nano-engineered restorative material specially formulated to adapt to all anterior and posterior cavity forms.
Nano-hybrid composite
Simile™ nano-hybrid composite offers the esthetics of a microfill, for use in the anterior, and the strength of a hybrid, for use in the posterior region. It is available in the most popular, easy-to-match shades.
Self-etch flowable composite
A self-adhering flowable composite, Fusio™ Liquid Dentin combines the benefits of adhesive and restorative technology into one product bringing restorative techniques to new unprecedented heights.
FLow-It!® ALC
Flowable composite
Flow-It!® ALC, a direct light cured composite restorative material, represents a different approach to restoring teeth. Flow-It!® ALC combines maximum esthetics with the need for a material that will “flex” with the tooth.
5th generation single bottle bonding system
Bond-1® is the simple-to-use 5th generation single bottle bonding system from Pentron® Clinical Technologies. With years of clinical success since its launch, Bond-1® receives top ratings in numerous independent Evaluations.
Self-adhesive resin cement
This unique self-etch formulation incorporates new resin technology for enhanced bond strength with greater reliability. Upon application, Breeze™ Cement quickly goes to work to condition dentin and enamel.
Cement-It!® Universal C&B
Dual-cure resin cementation system
cement-it universal c&b
Add strength and remove sensitivity and confusion from virtually every bonding procedure with Cement-It!® Universal C&B resin cementation system from Pentron®.
Veneer cement system
Mojo™ Veneer Cement is a light cure, esthetic cementation system that is designed for use with porcelain, ceramic and composite veneer restorations.
Build-It!® F.R.
Fiber reinforcement core material
build-it f.r.
Build-It!® F.R. is an ideal fiber-reinforced, dual cure resin core build up material conveniently delivered in a Mini-Mix syringe or a 25ml automix cartridge. Several innovations make Build-It!® F.R.: Better - Faster - Less Expensive.
Correct Plus™
Hydrophilic impression material
correct plus
Innovative, the Correct Plus™ is a polyvinyl siloxane that offers an enhanced performance in a wet environment, making impression taking an easy and smooth experience.
Dual cure temporary C&B material
tempspan c&b
TempSpan® Dual Cure Temporary Crown & Bridge Material is specifically formulated to produce highly esthetic and durable provisional restorations in the shortest time possible.
TempSpan® Transparent
Transparent temporary cement
Virtually colorless, TempSpan Transparent Temporary Cement safely secures provisional crowns and bridges without influencing the overlying color.