Proven 5th generation bonding formula

The STiK!® TE (total etch) formula is one of the most reputed 5th generation single bottle bonding systems. Based on the successful PMGDM adhesive, STiK!® TE can be used with confidence with all direct restoration materials*.

*For indirect bonded restorations, fiber posts (DT POST®) and bonded amalgams, STiK!® TE is fully compatible with all Pentron® bonding products, such as Cement-It!® Universal C&B, Lute-It!® and Amalgacure for Bond-1®.

Bond strength to moist dentin of 31.0 MPa

  • Simple-to-use single bottle system: apply two layers within 10 sec., air dry, light cure
  • Acetone carrier offers superior penetration of the dentinal tubules
  • Fast and consistent evaporation of the carrier through air drying
  • Nano-free bonding resin provides superior penetration and ensures the lowest film thickness

The Experts Agree

“The SE adhesive did not differ from the TE adhesive in regard to sensitivity and marginal discoloration”

J Am Dent Assoc. 2004 Mar; 135(3):276.

“The resin tags formed with etch and rinse adhesives were much longer than those found with self-etch adhesives.”

Med Oral Patol Oral Bucal. 2010 Jan 1; 15 (1) e112-8 Journal section: Biomaterials and Bioengineering in Dentistry.

“The highest mean bond strengths (to both roughened and intact enamel), were obtained with total etch.”

0236 Enamel Bond Strengths of Self-etch vs. Total-etch Adhesives

G. GOMES1, J. PERDIGAO2, S. DUARTE, Jr.3, and M.M. LOPES2, 1Private Practice, S. Domingos de Rana, Portugal. 2University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. 3University of Minnesota, Sao Paulo State University, Minneapolis, USA.

STiK!® TE has several applications

  • It is suitable for all direct restorations
  • It will cure in indirect applications when used in conjunction with Pentron® resin cements
  • It is ideal for bonding non-retentive posts and crowns
  • It is indicated for bonding amalgams when used in conjunction with AmalgaCure®
  • It is ideal for bonding fiber post technology (like DT POST®) in conjunction with Cement-It!® Universal C&B

STiK!® TE Characteristic

True single bottle primer adhesive: YES
Virtual elimination of Post Op sensitivity: YES
Bond strength to dentin / enamel: 31MPa / 27Mpa
Resin carrier: Acetone
Chemistry composition: PMGDM, HEMA, TMPTMA
Compatible with all composite brands: YES
Low film thickness: 8µm

Compare and save:

Product Cost / ml
STiK!® TE (Synca) $16*
Admira Bond (Voco) $28.87
Prime & Bond NT (Dentsply) $29.19
Optibond Solo (Kerr) $34.05
One-Step (Bisco) $20.00

*or less
Based on prices in current canadian web sites
stik se Zero postoperative sensitivity
stik te Proven 5th generation bonding formula
cmf Superior 4th generation bonding
bond-1 5th generation single bottle bonding
bond-it 4th generation bonding system
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