Create a clear matrix for the fabrication of temporaries

Traditionally, provisional restorations have been fabricated with the use of alginates or vacuum formed stents. While these materials are useful, they are time consuming to use. Creating a template to make your provisional restorations should be quick, clean, and most of all easy.

TempSpan® Clear Matrix Material is a clear, medium viscosity vinyl polysiloxane material that reproduces the finest detail resulting in extremely accurate provisional restorations. Packaged in a 50ml auto-mix cartridge, and with an oral set time of only 2 minutes, TempSpan® Clear Matrix Material is a significantly faster and easier alternative to vacuum formed splints, alginate, and hand-mixed putties. TempSpan® Clear Matrix Material enables provisional restorations fabricated with dual cure materials to be light cured intra-orally and extra-orally. This process drastically shortens the provisional procedure, minimizing chair time and patient discomfort.

Product Benefits

  • Clear formula for intra-oral polymerization minimizes chair time
  • Auto-mix delivery system eliminates messy, time consuming hand mixing
  • A working time of 1 minute and an oral set time of 2 minutes minimizes procedure time
  • Ideal material for the fabrication of TempSpan® temporary restorations

TempSpan® Clear Matrix Material

  • 4 - 50ml/52gm cartridge
  • 16 - Mixing tips


Mixing Tips - Green (100 pk)

TempSpan® Clear Matrix FAQ:

Q. What are the working and setting times of TempSpan Clear Matrix Material?

A. TempSpan Clear Matrix material offers a 1 minute working time and 2 minute oral set time.

Q. Why did Pentron Clinical create TempSpan Clear Matrix Material?

A. TempSpan Clear Matrix Material is a clear pre-operative material that reproduces fine detail for the fabrication of provisional restorations. Therefore, you can take your preliminary impression with this clear material and use the matrix to fabricate a quick and reliable restoration. This material is clear to provide feasibility to light cure dual-cure provisional materials intraorally or extraorally.

Q. Can I use TempSpan Clear Matrix Material as a general impression material?

A. Yes, TempSpan Clear Matrix can be used as a monophase material for all general impressions. However, we do not recommend that you use TempSpan Clear Matrix as a bite registration material.

Q. Which impression gun do I use with TempSpan Clear Matrix Material?

A. TempSpan Clear Matrix was designed to fit the DS50 1:1/2:1 impression dispenser gun.

Q. Does this material help to reduce the oxygen inhibited layer associated with dual-cure composite materials?

A. Yes, light-curing dual-cure provisional materials within a clear matrix minimizes and may eliminate the oxygen inhibited smear layer.

Q. Is TempSpan Clear Matrix Material hydrophilic?

A. Yes.

Q. What kind of impression tray should I use with your TempSpan Clear Matrix Material?

A. Pentron Clinical recommends the use of clear plastic trays. However, you may also use a triple tray.
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